[New Interview] Mako Girls Sits Down With Presidential Style!!!

May 5, 2015

MAKO Girls are a fresh, new trio that is made up of three sisters from Decatur, GA. Each sister has her own individual style and personality that brings something unique to this fierce girl group. Mimi (14), A-Ni (11), & Kena (15) Ochoa are singers, dancers & songwriters who love to perform.

They have been working in the industry since October 2013. They have preformed all over Atlanta, GA and will be making their way to New York and North Carolina soon. Mako Girls are still the typical teenagers with very strong family values that have been embedded by their amazing parents/managers. Mr. and Mrs. Ochoa are not only their managers, but own a landscaping and events company as well as have a younger daughter that makes it a total of four girls. Their parents are what we would consider Super Parents because they are taking care of their family, running businesses and managing the MAKO Girls. The most important task expected of them from their dad is to be responsible for their class work and be able to reach out to other kids on the importance of school and this is why they have to prioritize more than the typical teen because of their busy schedule.


Mimi is the “girly-girl” that loves all things classy. A-Ni is the perfect mixture of Pop & Hip-Hop, she’s their very own “Pop/ Hip-Hop” princess who possesses an amazing voice. Kena is the”punk rock kid” with a random personality. As they put it, “we are really down to earth and other youth our age should relate to us.”  They are inspired and motivated by the love and support of their fans. Kena says she loves challenges and anytime she is faced with a challenge it motivates her to win. If I say so myself they are winning!



We asked the MAKO Girls what are some short term and long term goals that they have in place:

Mimi: to build a fan base and make more music

A-Ni: be an opening act for Mindless Behavior and other people

Kena: wants to travel to Japan to learn the language so that they will understand a little when they start traveling

Although these young ladies have different personalities and goals, they all agree that family and fan support helps them get through some tough times. Make sure to look out for these young ladies in a city near you!