[New Music Has Arrived] This Is Gilles.

June 20, 2014

Gilles – Future 4 Wii (#Future4Wii)

From his tailored denim all the way down to the carefully-curated accessories, one need not be a rocket scientist to figure out that everything about him is deliberate. Proving through his eloquence and charm that he is both a scholar and a gentleman, Gilles aims to be, above all, an inspiration. “Cut from a different cloth,” well, more like a tapestry, Gilles weaves his Caribbean-American NY ATL upbringing, extended tours of the halls of higher education, and affinity for tall women and thrift stores all atop a passion for lyricism and word play. You see, what makes Gilles’ story so interesting is precisely the fact that like so many of us, he is just one thing. He is the sensitive stoic. He is the rapper. He is the lawyer. He is a lady loving man looking for love. He is the dreamer that “stays woke.” The music is merely an audio collection of those life experiences perfectly placed inrhythm over an 808-laden landscape.

All in all, the journey feels strangely familiar. The stories and the ride is yours to take. Filled with bumps and bruises from the first-world problems and, the hazy yet somehow still unforgettable memories from those first-world solutions (*wink wink), the music, on Gilles Fall 2014 offering, “Super.” was artfully-crafted to let the world know that somebody out there feels you. So hop in and ride shotgun and turn it up.

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