“Out of Darkness”, The Story of African Civilization, European Colonization, and African World Revolution

July 12, 2016

“Out of Darkness” is an educational revolution that will make parents
ashamed their kids are in “their” schools, but also give everybody a
historical crash course in systemic racism. Institutional racism exists, but
there has been a concerted effort to hide it and socialize all people that it
does not exist. “Out of Darkness” contradicts almost everything you have
learned and be raised in. It even challenge the notions of multiculturalism….
The movie is one that should be seen by every person here in America, not
just Black people.”
– Chuck Creekmur

“Out of Darkness”, the story of African Civilization, European Colonization, and African World Revolution on Saturday, July 16th 2016 at 3:30pm 

 Williston Middle School Auditorium

402 South 11th Street, Wilmington, NC

Amadeuz Christ is a film director, editor, and
founder of Building Seven Media Company, a
San Francisco Bay Area based media production
company. Directing and editing over 30 music
videos which have appeared on major television
networks like MTV and RevoltTV, as well as
many popular websites including HipHopDX,
Thisis50.com, XXLMag, and many more, he has
done video work for many popular hip hop artists
including Kendrick Lamar, Locksmith, Big K.R.I.
T., Nipsey Hussle, Locksmith, 9th Wonder, C
Plus, and Sahtyre to name a few. Amadeuz
Christ is also co-founder of Open University
Productions, a collective of film makers, music
producers, and editors founded on the campus
of San Jose State University. His work has been
broadcasted to millions of viewers all over the

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Out of Darkness is a three-part documentary by director Amadeuz Christ (Δ+), examining
the untold history of African people, the African cultural contribution to the world, and the
events that have contributed to the condition of African people today. Out of Darkness will
explore the Kushitic origins of Nile Valley Civilization, contact between Africa and the
Americas since the times of antiquity, and the influence of the Moors in Europe. In
addition, the film will analyze the concept of “white supremacy,” the impact of Hip Hop as a social movement, and the idea of nationhood.


The Food Bank of Central & Eastern NC and Advance Youth Outreach will also be on-site. Attendees are asked to please bring canned goods or monetary donations to contribute to both of these organizations.

Tickets are $10 at the door, $5 for kids under 17 or can be purchased in advance at outofdarknesswilmington.eventbrite.com

For more information, contact Speller Street Films L.L.C. at spellerstreetfilms@gmail.com.