Patrice Hamilton Beach Body Rep In Southeastern NC

June 12, 2014

  She has always exercised and eaten healthy. This is not a fad this is her way of life. She has recently done a 21 day sugar detox with her whole family. It went well but was a little hard for the kids, but they got through it. She decided to take this path because of the history of her family. There is a history of diabetes, high blood pressure, and cancer. Her mother has been battling cancer for years, and she knows that cancer feed off the sugar in your body. So although we don’t really know where it comes from she still work on eating healthy to prevent cancer, diabetes, and high blood pressure. It’s all about a healthy life style.

The biggest challenge she faces is having enough time. She has 3 children at home , one in college, a husband, a home and works at a salon as a nail tec. Her mother is going through various form of cancer and she helps her as well. Life is just busy for more of us. She feel that if you put everything before you your health goes down first. She really focused on making time every day to exercise. She says,” try putting yourself and your health first.” One of her best experience since she joined the Wilmington Beach Body Team is that they have family night where you can bring your kids to workout with you. They also have yoga and movie nights. She feels like she’s leading by example because the kids see her working out, so they can learn to like it.

They offer “shakeology shake or smoothies”, she stands behind this meal beverage 100%. This meal replacement is safe for children. Packed with Vitamins and Nutrient that they need daily. She is happy to be able to involve her family. What could be healthier than exercising with family sometimes? She was drawn to Beach Body because it was free so she said it couldn’t hurt anything. Especially when she couldn’t afford all the monthly charges at that time. Not knowing what she was in for she fell in love with the classes. Wilmington beach body offer a variety of different classes Monday through Saturday free for all ages and types of people with different goals. It is all about working out, getting into a routine and having fun. It is never too late to start living healthy. Just take that step, they are there to help.

Visit Patrice Beach Body Coach at 3605 Carolina Beach Rd. 910.769.1785 Wilmington Training Center. On FB patricegracehamilton and web site