PR University Launches How To Books [Red Carpet Flow and Creating Eblasts]

August 26, 2015
This Aint You PR 101...This is REAL PR Taught by a PR PRO!
PR pros make people, projects, companies, brands, shows, galleries, clubs, charities, clothing lines, teams and even clergy; POPULAR, accessible, credible, relevant and heard.
Come to think of it, our job is pretty damn magical, mystical AND illusive, down right UNICORN-LIKE, but it’s not easy.
In fact the real rock stars of this industry make it look simple…take it from a true public relations practitioner…IT’S HARD WORK!
Inspired by my passion for sharing, teaching and providing resources (and a desire to retire on a tropical island in the near future), I have concentrated my 15+ years of experience into spearheading PR University and the #PRUniversityLife brand.
I invite my fellow PR professionals, aspiring publicists, independent talent and entrepreneurs in need of exposure and deeper understanding of the PUBLICITY game; to keep up with industry trends, attend classes, participate in webinars andorder our Krash Kourse books at PRUNIVERSITYLIFE.COM!
Purchase PRoducing E-Blasts to Promote & Publicize TODAY!
Purchase PRoducing E-Blasts to Promote & Publicize TODAY!
Krash Kourse: PRoducing e-Blasts to Promote & Publicize
I always think of an e-Blast (or E-mail Blast) as a clever, creative and efficient way to compile and present data in a user friendly format that appears attractively embedded in the body of an email that is sent to as few or as many people simultaneously.
The e-Blast also offers the convenience of click through links, active graphics and track able analytics. PR University’s Krash Kourse will help you understand how and when to utilize this powerful communication tool!
Buy Be a Red Carpet PRo!
Buy Be a Red Carpet PRo Now!
Krash Kourse: Be a Red Carpet PRo
Be a Red Carpet Pro! uses an actual Red Carpet Management Plan to illustrate the steps to strategize and execute a solid roll out for the red carpet element of events and press-centered experiences. Our Krash Kourse Covers:


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Get the Game from PR Gurus!
Get the Game from PR Gurus!
More PR Made Simple!
My Krash Kourse books, webinars, classes and other educational products will help you become the lively PR butterfly I once was and the PR Maven I am now…hell with all the tools, proto-types, access to information and resources, you’d better be better than me!
But that’s not going to be easy. Even on my most tired, disinterested, worst day-if desired I can out pitch, package, prep and publicize the best of the best 🙂
Now I am going to teach you to do the same-Trea Davenport

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Trea Davenport| Trea Day Management & Publicity