Presidential Styles Teams Up With Kingdom Ladies Ministries ….Ignite Your Faith!

November 18, 2014

As a partner with Presidential Styles, Kingdom Ladies Ministries (KLM) will have a platform to reach and minister to a variety of young women. The relationship between Presidential Styles and KLM, will serve as a way to give more support by help keeping young ladies encouraged, inspired and motivated. Being an advocate to many different young ladies in ways that can have a very positive impact on their lives. Educating them on sex, beauty, health, self esteem and more.  Miss Ashleigh Primus, founder of KLM, knows the ins and outs of Teen Public Relations; and with the help of Presidential Styles, she will be able to go above and beyond her call of duty. She will be organizing different events such as Outreach Programs, Teen Summits and Teen Retreats all based upon empowering these young women in our community. We look forward to your support.

Kingdom Ladies Vision:

Kingdom Ladies Ministries is a Christian

fellowship of teenage girls and young women

operating in the love of Jesus Christ. Our

goal is to exercise every individual’s divine

purpose and establish a sisterhood with all

races, denominations, and backgrounds. We as

ladies in Christ uplift one another as well as

our communities and abroad. We edify the body

of Christ. Though we are not perfect, neither

pretend to be, we know our worth and we live

our worth. We as Kingdom Ladies build up the

kingdom of God. We as Kingdom Ladies live our

purpose. We spread the gospel and we love the