Rapper Cocky Has A Successful Mixtape Promo Run In Kentucky *Bonus- Full Mixtape Included*

November 23, 2014

Immediate Release

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(Earlington KY) November 21, 2014- Cocky’s Kentucky AllStar Weekend was a success. Gearing up for the release of his mixtape “My Granny House” Cocky hosted numerous of events in his hometown including feeding the homeless and less fortunate local families. His mission leading up to his release was to connect with his friends, family and fans in his immediate area while promoting his mixtape which he dedicated to his mother who passed away last year on November 16th.

Review the full set of pics: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/oy0ip1efu7i0o7b/AAAnBHBcAtxWx0zPGofGaS1na?dl=0

My Granny House Back

November 16th was the date selected for his epic release which features production by Super Producer Zaytoven and features from Johnny Cinco and Gucci Mane. “My Granny House” features soon to be chart topping single Fast, as well as hits “First 48” featuring PeeWee Longway and “Where I’m From”. Please review his entire project which is attached and get a chance to enjoy the full experience of the world according to Cocky.

Check out the full mixtape:


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About Cocky:

 For Cocky, making music means more than just making you dance. To him, it is the key to a legitimate life. “Music means putting the bullsh*t behind me and moving toward progress, because pretty much everything else I’m good at is illegal.”

It’s a story we’ve heard before, young black boy grows up in poverty and turns to street life to make a way for himself. But this story is a little different. Growing up in Earlington, Kentucky, T. Ron Cox didn’t have a lot of options. Earlington barely has 1,500 people, 1 stop light, 1 gas station, and 1 police officer. For what it lacks in city swag and sophistication, it makes up for in closeness. “Everybody knows everybody else,” Cocky explains, “My Granny been living in the same house for 60, 70 years. She has had the same neighbors her whole life. Nobody ever left, or ventured off.

But for Cocky, the small town life wasn’t enough. He was too curious and so he ventured off to Louisville, the big city over 100 miles away. It was in the city where he became a “country boy with a city boy swag.” He also learned the tricks of another trade that helped him lift himself out of poverty, it also brought him some hard times, like felony convictions. Until a major event caused him to reevaluate his life, “Last year, November 16th, my mother passed away. At the time, the only thing positive I had in my life was the music, she wanted to see me do that,” Cocky explains.

Even before making music, he loved music. Getting in trouble for scratching on his grandmother’s record player, is a favorite memory. Growing up in the church, Cocky makes music with melodies inspired some of his favorite artists. “I like Frankie Lymon, David Ruffin from my Granny, then Dre, Snoop, Jay Z, I like melodies, and I’m very melodic. I think Pink is dope, Nelly Furtado.” He describes his own music as coming directly from his own life, and his own experiences. “I’m just a regular street ni**a that listens, take constructive criticism learn from mistakes, ain’t nothing fabricated about it. I tell you sh*t that I shouldn’t even say. The music is very emotionally based, it comes from me.”

With a song with Yo Gotti called “Microwave,” that was already making noise, the 28-year-old father/street cat decided to put his time and money behind his music, linking up with Atlanta producer, Zaytoven who produced four tracks on the still-untitled mixtape. “Zaytoven produced 4 beats, Peewee Longway, Johnny Cinco, Zay blessed me with a Gucci verse and hook. So, that’s big.

Making music for Cocky is about more than just making it big, “I wanna file taxes. I need to establish a line of credit. I pay for everything with cash, just recently I bought a house. I had no line of credit. It took me forever to find a realtor who could help me get a mortgage. I remember being in the streets everything was about getting cash, cash, cash. But when you hit the real world, ni**a you need a receipt.

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