RECAP: The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 6 Reunion (Part 3) [WATCH FULL VIDEO]

May 6, 2014

The Real Housewives of Atlanta‘s 6th season has finally come to a close with the airing of the 3rd segment of the reunion show last night (May 4, 2014).

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There was quite a bit shared tonight as the ‘husbands’ joined the ‘housewives’ on the set for a few drama filled moments.

Bravo synopsis:

Apollo joins the women to address rumors about him and Phaedra and his alleged run in with the law.

NeNe and Kenya go head-to-head in a battle of the titans, plus, the rest of the husbands join the mix to offer their thoughts on all of the ups and downs of this season.

In case you missed it, watch the full 90 minute video of Part 3 of the RHOA season 6 reunion show below…

You can’t ‘win’ when you play dirty and Kenya Moore seems to be ‘losing’ everyday…

Kenya Moore has played dirty all season long, but it seems like she can’t take the same dirt that she dishes out.  The first half hour Part 3 of the reunion show was all about Kenya and how everyone has treated her bad.

In the midst of her ‘poor me’ attitude, it’s clear that no one on the show cares for her… well… except Cynthia Bailey who has suddenly ‘switched teams’ now that she’s pissed at her ex-bestie, Nene Leakes.

Miss Ratchet USA is pitted against Nene Leakes and it’s a war of the words as they each talk over each other.

“You want to be the new ‘queen’ hunny, but it’s not gonna happen!” ~ Nene Leakes to Kenya Moore

Bar One Foreclosure Issues may be a thing of the past… soon:

Cynthia made a not that the foreclosure issue surrounding Bar One may be behind them soon.

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They have made an offer on the property and she says it was accepted…. so party on!  Brown stew chicken for everyone!!

               Apollo ain’t got no worries… or at least he’s comfortable with whatever’s going to happen.

Phaedra Park’s husband Apollo Nida is the first husband to hit the sofa and he basks in his moment in the spotlight as he roasts Kenya Moore.

Apollo and Phaedra address their rumored marital problems and state that they’ve been going through counseling and working on their relationship.   They each say they’ve never been ‘separated’ but that marriage is difficult.

Phaedra admits that she’s been a bit closed off about the issues in her relationship, stating:

“I was raised that what goes on between a husband and a wife is not TV fodder… “

Apollo takes the moment to address Kenya and an interview she did where she talked about his legal issues, stating that she better hope nothing happens to him since he’s her entire story line.  He also tells her he’ll give her his PO Box just in case, so that she can put some money on his books.

Oddly enough, the outspoken beauty queen is suddenly quiet during Apollo’s rant.

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The roast of the evening came when Phaedra Parks slammed Kenya and her constant pursuit of sperm….

Ouch!! Silence on the set…. no one could say a word.  Not even Kenya….

Peter Thomas is not a ‘b*tch’ and he wants the world to know it…

Peter Thomas hit the couch and we get to see a montage of how involved he’s been throughout the course of the entire season.

“I’m always gonna have a f*cking opinion. Anytime you put be in a room I’m gonna state my opinion.  I’ve got 4 baby mamas, 5 kids and I’ve never called any of them a bitch”

Peter sits on set and eats the peach y’all say he’s earned, while Andy expresses his hope that the two couples make amends.   It’s my hope as well, but who knows what the future holds.

The Christopher Williams incident…

Kenya contradicted herself when she tried to check Peter about his ‘real men’ comment.  She angrily expressed that Brandon was the only ‘real man’ in the room because he tried to protect his friend.

But on the flip side, wasn’t Christopher Williams being a ‘real man’ by protecting his wife from the crazy broad (i.e. Kenya) who was ‘front pedaling’ in his wife’s direction?
Nene’s apology about her ‘Queen’ comment…

Do you want me to pull down your pants and kiss your ass? I apologized. What else do you want me to do? Do you want me to throw a gay function… a parade?

Kenya gets called out about all her ‘falsehoods’…. including her booty.

NeNe to Kenya: “Is that booty still on loan?”

At the end of it all, Andy thanked his ‘cash cows’ for another drama filled season and if my sources are correct, all will be back on the sofa next season to hash it out for season 7.

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