[Review] Business by Bossing Up and Kingdom Building with Khalilah T. Olokunola Gets Two Thumbs Up and 5 Stars

December 4, 2016

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Khalilah T. Olokunola posted on Facebook on December 2, 2016

Prayed Up! God use us tomorrow for your GLORY – I’m not interested in merely having #Facebook followers I’m interested in raising up leaders . I am overwhelmed by the opportunity to share some of my short comings|my successes and my God to an intimate crowd of amazing women from ILM & other parts of NC, some who are beginning again – who by FAITH are taking the leap to be #Brave in Business by Bossing Up and Kingdom Building. We can’t wait to get these resources, this information and tools into your hands. Thank you Margaret Stargell & Sabra Robbins Wright | Cheryl Wood for reminding Angela and I that #Playtimeisover Mayor Bill Saffo | Our PRESENTING SPONSOR The Well Heeled Hustle , our other sponsors VISA | DOVE | WET-N-Wild MakeUp | Nationwide | Clinique | and our Story Teller Panel Elizabeth Montgomery , Kiffany Fennell and Commentator Angela Gray.




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Presidential Style was in attendance yesterday for one of the most inspiriting, innovating and empowering Brave Business Breakfast Event in Wilmington NC at Country Club of Landfall . This was truly an amazing day. The room was fulled with such amazing people including Pastor Delmarva Johnson of Warriors of christArielle Utley-NixonMegan Rushmore (Megan Danielle)Isha Reed and Tanya Fermin just to name a few. Khalilah share some of her experiences with us and gave us important tip into how to start and keep your business.

Khalilah share with Presidential Style an amazing testimonial interview on “Stepping Up”  a couple months ago but we had never seem her in action. Needless to say she walks what she talks. 



Elizabeth Montgomery posted on yesterday “Boss up and Kingdom Build Entrepreneurs! If you missed this, you missed some powerful key tips to starting and maintaining a business. Wilmington Mayor Bill Saffo stopped in with some special insights. It was an honor to sit on the panel this morning and share how passion and persistence is so important.”

We would recommend everyone to challenge themselves to be brave and attend one of Khalilah T. Olokunola seminars. Visit her at www.Khalilaholokunola.com or on facebook for more information.