December 12, 2014

New York, NY November 12, 2014 A New Generation of Television has arrived!!!!!!!!!!
“Ride With Me” on FOX TV’S SUBSIDIARY, WWOR TV has returned for its 2nd season on
Saturday Night’s at 1AM. The 1st season let our audience meet celebrities such as Hip
Hop Artist Joelle Ortiz, VH1’s Love and Hip Hop Reality Star Tahiry Jose, FUBU Clothing
Mogul Keith Perrin, R& B Crooner J Holiday and many more.

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The new second season will prove to give you even more fun, laughs, and the VIP view.

SATURDAY 12/13/14 – EPISODE will feature THE HUSEL.

The HUSEL is the soundtrack to your daily grind. That vibe that
gets you out of bed in the morning when you’re tired, THAT’S The
HUSEL… that thing that keeps you motivated all weekend while
everyone else is partying, THAT’S The HUSEL… that adrenaline
that doesn’t let you sleep and keeps you up at night, that’s The
HUSEL… Everyone on the grind needs theme music, and thE
HUSEL is where you will find iT.

“TurnT Up” WITH INFECTIOUS MELODIES, hard hitting 808’s,

Snaps, Claps and Hi-Hats, songs like, “Grindin,” “Generate,” and
“Greatest,” are guaranteed to provoke a movement, no matter
who or where you are. The sound may be familiar, however, the
narrating isn’t quite the same. Along with the musical combinations
infused with charismatic vocals, it’s a perfect balance to lift you
UP out of your seat and give you what you need to go “get it.”
“The Husel is not a person, THE HUSEL is a state of mind.
Everyone has their own interpretation of the hustle, this just
happens to be mine.”





● Where: WWOR TV MY 9 Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania, & New Jersey
● When: Every Saturday Night at 1AM
● Who: Ride With Me – 2nd Season
● What: Celebrity Entertainment Television Show
● Why: Creative Television For the VIP viewer

Ride With Me TV
New York, NY info- Gbassa D’ Acosta, Executive Producer

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