Rihanna Goes Modest Yet Glam for Harper’s Bazaar Arabia

July 3, 2014

Rihanna is nearly unrecognizable as cover girl for the July/August issue of Harper’s Bazaar Arabia. Not only is the typically scantily-clad singer fully covered for the cover, but she remains quite modest throughout the photo shoot (unlike her nude Lui pics that led to her Instagram account being shut down). The “Rihanna of Arabia,” as the magazine calls her, knows how to conform to Middle Eastern culture while still adding her dash of glam to her high fashion ensembles.

“The new modesty: cover up in style,” one cover line says with the fashion spread showing a modern take on traditional Middle Eastern clothing with embellished head scarves and veils. On the cover, RiRi wears a mesh veil with a big bow, a black and white dress with jewels and floral embellishments, and Cartier jewelry. Inside, she poses in various pieces that follow the modest dress code for women including a hooded Versace gown, a purple dress with matching cape and accessorized with a gold face mask, and an outrageous form-fitting black bodysuit that continues up to her neck and onto a headpiece that covers her face.  

via – BET