Spring / Summer 2014 Fashion Trends

June 1, 2014



The spring 2014 season has shuffled off the runways of the big four fashion capitals, giving us plenty to look forward to. But let’s face it; we’re impatient. Not only do we want these pretty, shiny new things now because they’re pretty, new and shiny, we want them so we can get on top of the trends before everyone else does. It’s not only fun to be first, but the surest way to invest wisely in 2014 fashion pieces that will last. And so, to help you get on top of what’s in store, here are 5 spring / summer 2014 fashion trends you can start to wear now. spring 2014 fashion trends

Women’s spring 2014 fashion trends.

The spring 2014 fashion statements to make.

There are fashion trends and then there are fashion statements. Fashionising.com’s guide to spring / summer 2014 fashion takes you through both and then some. The statements are the wow looks for summer. They’re fresher. More now. More unique. In short, they’re the looks that you’ll remember as defining this summer’s style. These are the statements, while further on in this spring 2014 trend guide you’ll find this season’s themes, shoe and beauty trends.

saying it and saying it loud: why statements & slogans are still a novelty

Saying it and saying it loud: why statements & slogans are still a novelty

If there’s one way to guarantee eyes will be drawn your way in spring / summer 2014, it’s by indulging in some bold, wearable typography. Slogans, statements and even abstract lettering simply call for attention, as well as start conversations. As for which slogans to opt for this spring, read on.

ladylike lace: choosing romance for spring

Ladylike lace: choosing romance for spring

Make it light, and make it bright. This isn’t your grandma’s lace – it’s sexy, it’s sensual, and it’s a spring / summer 2014 statement. Find out all you need to know about lace, and how to wear it, for this summer.

how to master the art of sheer layering

How to master the art of sheer layering

Sheer clothing became mainstream long ago, but each season brings new interpretations and new rules of the game. One of the key ways to wear see-through fabrics in spring 2014? By layering. From sheers layered with opaques to sheer-on-sheer, here’s how to master the art of sheer layering.

cropped shirts for spring: how to make them work for you

Cropped shirts for spring: how to make them work for you

The popularity of the crop top in recent seasons has given rise to several complementary trends. Some, like the bandeau, feel instantly familiar. Others, like the cropped shirt, feel utterly fresh. Both, and the crop top included, don’t depend on perfect abs, anything but. Want to know how to style them perfectly and merge the old with the utterly fresh and new? Then take in our summer 2014 guide to cropped shirts.

oversized, boyish, cool: how to go masculine for spring

Oversized, boyish, cool: how to go masculine for spring

Embrace sneakers, slouchy pants, masculine tailored blazers and oversized shirts, because menswear for women has gotten even more effortlessly cool. It’s all about volume, layering, and an underlying attitude when it comes to wearing the masculine trend this spring.

yes, you can rock the bandeau trend for spring. here's how.

Yes, you can rock the bandeau trend for spring. Here’s how.

You can thank the crop top for this one: the bandeau is back in fashion. Once the domain of only the most daring, the bandeau captures effortless cool in spring / summer 2014. Of course, if you don’t want to look like you’ve just wandered out of the house in your bra, it all comes down to how you style it. And from photo inspiration to a complete guide to the look, you’ll know just how to do that by the time you’ve seen Fashionising.com’s guide to the bandeau being back in fashion.

crop tops: how to wear the crop top for ss14

Crop tops: how to wear the crop top for SS14

Not for everyone though constantly turning heads towards those who opt to wear it, crop tops makes a return amongst spring 2014’s fashion trends. Fashionising.com has your guide on how to wear it, whose designing it, and all the other summer trends to wear it with.

dungarees & overalls are back: here's how to wear them

Dungarees & overalls are back: here’s how to wear them

Relaxed, easy, cool: there’s something so appealing about a pair of dungarees. This spring, bibbed overalls have made their comeback in everything from classic denim to luxurious statement-making leather. Here’s how to style overalls as a trend in 2014.

wide-leg pants: how to wear them in 2014

Wide-leg pants: how to wear them in 2014

These aren’t your parents’ flares. Relaxed, easy, and cool, wide leg trousers make are back in fashion this summer. Comfortable and with all the potential to become sophisticated, they’re a statement worth making in summer 2014. Read our guide on how to style wide leg pants this year.

the return of mid-cropped culottes & how to wear them now

The return of mid-cropped culottes & how to wear them now

Nothing says fashion forward like being the first to jump onto a bold new shape. And while culottes aren’t exactly new, their volume and proportion in spring 2014 is unlike what we’ve seen in recent memory. Now considered ultra-chic, as well as figure forgiving, the mid-cropped culotte should be on your radar for spring 2014.

Spring 2014′s fashion themes.

There are the statements you can and then there are themes which can influence your style. From the elegance of film noir to the kick-back-cool of sports fashion, from tribal wanderings to leather laden horse riding, there are the themes that define spring / summer 2014′s fashion trends for women.

the new '90s: how to wear it now

The new ’90s: how to wear it now

From Clueless to Calvin Klein, the 1990s continues to inspire, with the spring 2014 runways rife with references. Evident in everything from chokers and platforms to minimalist slips and twin-sets, here’s how to rock the 1990s trend now.

cowgirl style: going west for spring

Cowgirl style: going West for spring

What goes around comes around. And like that, cowgirl fashion is back – newly evolved and spanning the gamut from pin-up girl to minimalist. Fashionising.com naturally has a full guide for the trend, taking you through just what the urban cowgirl style is this year.

florals for spring 2014: the new dawn of femininity

Florals for spring 2014: the new dawn of femininity

There’s little point in defining florals a spring trend – it’s spring after all, flowers are everywhere, floral fashion abounds. While florals may be forever in fashion during spring, each season brings with it a slightly different interpretation of the look. If you’re making them a part of your wardrobe this year, here are the floral fashions to wear this summer.

Spring 2014′s men’s trends.

how to wear men's tailored shorts this spring

How to wear men’s tailored shorts this spring

Clean, tailored, and sitting on the knee or an inch above, men’s shorts for spring 2014 take on a specific character. As for how to style them? Read our guide to tailored shorts for men in order to find out.

shawl neck cardigan: men's spring staple

Shawl neck cardigan: men’s spring staple

Call it a trend, call it a key piece, whatever you want to call it the men’s shawl neck cardigan is an easy and stylish staple for spring 2014. Look for the right textures, colours and cuts in order to make the shawl neck knit work for you. Read more about the shaw collar sweater for men.


Not so much slogans as statements, the trend of plastering words across everything from clutch bags to knits continues into spring / summer 2014. We suspect it doesn’t matter much what you say, as long as you’re saying it loud and clear. The aim is to draw eyes and generate interest: never was there a better conversation starter than a boldly lettered article of clothing. Alexander Wang’s clever Parental Advisory message stuck in the mind, Undercover’s bold letters were even glow-in-the-dark, and Christopher Kane opted for a softer take (‘Petal’). Kenzo went environmental with their messages. Wear it now: you’ll already find slogan prints galore on the market. The key here is the more interesting and witty, the better. Read more at the link below: slogan sweaters spring 2014 fashion trend

Inverse shirt buttoning.

It’s so simple it sounds almost crazy, but the simplicity of it is also its genius. Rather than leaving the top few buttons of your shirt undone, invert the process. Button up the top few, and leave the rest to float open wide. As the spring 2014 runways would have it, it becomes like wearing a crop top in reverse, baring some midriff in an inventive little twist. Alexander Wang did it, Rodarte did it, Diesel Black Gold did it… that’s enough mounting evidence to call it a trend. Other designers (like Sergei Grinko, Trussardi and John Richmond) did the same with dresses. There’s no requirement to keep it to shirts. Wear it now: if you’re in part of the world facing autumn / winter, get to layering. That open triangle doesn’t have to let the world peep your belly button, simply layer an open shirt or jacket over another top or two. You’ll be well ahead

on this one. inverse shirt buttoning spring 2014 fashion trend

Cowgirl mashup.

Urban cowgirl. Showgirl cowgirl. Bra-bearing Rosie-the-riveter cowgirl. Squeezing Western elements into outfits in unexpected ways kept thematic overkill at bay, and signalled a little sub-trend rising up in cowboy boots and embroidered shirts and low-slung oversized belts. Donna Karan, Rodarte and Alexis Mabille respectively brought the aforementioned urban/showgirl/wartime interpretations, while Louis Vuitton’s embellished jeans and Miu Miu’s use of fringing and suede added to the suggestion of a growing spring 2014 fashion trend. Wear it now: this one is perfect for the fall / winter season as well as for spring, so you can get on it from anywhere in the world. Keep it cool and effortless in slouchy denims, plaid shirts, chunky belts and boots. For a sexier interpretation, mix Western elements with femme fatale ones: an embellished crop top, slinky dress or silk trench coat with dusty cowgirl boots, say, or a pair of denim overalls with heels. western spring 2014 fashion trend


Fringing takes on a broad range of styles for spring 2014. On the runways, it wasn’t just cowgirl and it wasn’t just flapper; I guess you could say it just was. Spanning eveningwear to casual, fringing and tassels swished onto the scene and found new ways to make a mark. Wear it now: leather, silk, beading… if you can find a piece that works some fringing into the equation, invest. fringing spring 2014 fashion trend

Le smoking.

They’re not quite a traditional smoking jacket or tuxedo, but a number of spring 2014′s pieces took inspiration from them. Shawl collars and luxe fabrics give off a tux vibe while bright colours and cuts with twists break from the mould. Wear it now: Blumarine made theirs fresh in spring yellow and white; Pucci’s was electric blue. In warm weather you can channel this fresh and bright take already; for fall opt for heavier fabrics (velvet, even) and work them into your layering. tuxedo jacket spring 2014 fashion trend

Spring 2014 shoe trends.

pointy flats: yes, they're back for spring 2014

Pointy flats: yes, they’re back for spring 2014

Are sensible shoes in fashion? This summer, yes they are. The pointed flat shoe makes its comeback in summer 2014, making statements and drawing references to the 50s, 60s and later.

Spring 2014 hair & beauty trends.

spring 2014 hair trends & hairstyles

Spring 2014 hair trends & hairstyles

With the change in season comes not just a chance to overhaul our wardrobes, but also our hairstyles. From the key cuts and colours to the most inspiring styles of the season and how to create them: here’s our spring 2014 hair trends guide.

men's hairstyles in 2014: hair trends & hair cuts

Men’s hairstyles in 2014: hair trends & hair cuts

A hairstyle says much about a man, which is why it’s so important he gets it right. And, because it means that much, we’ve put together a guide that’ll take you through everything from picking the perfect haircut for your face shape through to the styles that are fashionable now. Our guide to 2014’s men’s hairstyle trends is a must read for every man.

spring 2014 makeup trends & tutorials

Spring 2014 makeup trends & tutorials

From bold orange lips to smokey kohl-lined eyes, spring’s makeup trends for 2014 offer plenty of exciting options. Go for colours that are optimistic and fresh, or looks that are as tough as nails: there’s no holding back.

2014 hair trends: a guide to the year's hairstyles

2014 hair trends: a guide to the year’s hairstyles

Cut and colour, accessories and product. 2014’s hairstyles are amongst the year’s loveliest, easiest and most indulgent trends to enjoy. Follow the link to find out which hairstyles are in fashion this year, along with how-guides for how to style them.

Other spring / summer 2014 fashion trends.

spring 2014 colour trends

Spring 2014 colour trends

Colour transforms. It defines. Each season, the colours that are on-trend help to shape the fashion, and vice-versa. For spring / summer 2014, here’s what colours and hues are making their mark.


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