Stacey Dash calls for elimination of Black History Month and awards that celebrate African-Americans amid Oscars backlash ….. She Is Really Clueless!!!

January 21, 2016

Not a day goes by without someone discussing race on television, radio or social media saying something so outstandingly stupid and ridiculous that the only response you can have is, “WTF?!”

Today’s winner: Actress Stacey Dash.

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During an appearance Wednesday on Fox News’ “Fox and Friends,” the network contributor was discussing the controversy over a lack of minorities at the Oscars, and the “Clueless” star lived up to the movie’s title: “We have to make up our minds, either we want to have segregation or integration,” Dash said. “If we don’t want segregation then we need to get rid of channels like BET and the BET Awards and the (NAACP) Image Awards, where you are only awarded if you are black. If it were the other way around, we would be up in arms, it’s a double standard.”

Moments after the comments hit social media, my Twitter timeline blew up. I tried to ignore it, but at some point I had to weigh in and connect the historically inaccurate and totally wrong Dash.

First, Dash wants to make this grandiose statement about segregation or integration, and decides to single out a Black-focused cable network an awards show. But what she didn’t say is that these entities were created because of a lack of proper representation on the major networks and awards shows.

What I also noticed is that Dash didn’t say we need to shutter networks or award shows that cater to women, such as weTV, Lifetime and others. Heck, anyone who understands media knows that we live in a niche world, whether it’s radio, TV, websites or magazines that appeal to audiences based on sex, gender, race or sexual orientation.

Roland S. Martin says Stacey Dash is just plain wrong about her BET assertions. JAMIE MCCARTHY/GETTY IMAGES

Roland S. Martin says Stacey Dash is just plain wrong about her BET assertions.

But what was particular galling is for Dash to assert — and not be corrected by “Fox and Friends” — when she said only Blacks are awarded by BET and the NAACP Image Awards.

That is a boldface lie.

Numerous non-Blacks have been nominated and awarded by both shows, including Justin Timberlake, Jennifer Lopez, America Ferrara, Sandra Oh, Robin Thicke, George Lucas and on and on and on. Now, unless they’ve submitted DNA tests, none of these folks will be hailed as Black History Month heroes.

BET responded to Stacey Dash after she called for its dismantling on "FOX & Friends" by posting a scene of her on "The Game," a BET situation comedy that she guest starred on.BET VIA TWITTER

BET responded to Stacey Dash after she called for its dismantling on “FOX & Friends” by posting a scene of her on “The Game,” a BET situation comedy that she guest starred on.

Yet, what was most laughable by Dash’s incredulous comments that she has chosen to appear on the covers of Black magazines. Yea, really.

A simple Google search I did revealed Stacey, often in sexy and salacious poses, on the magazine covers of Jet, Smooth, King, Monarch, and the one that really cracked me up, Pride.

So here is Stacey Dash on Fox News calling for the end of Black networks and awards shows, yet when it came to building her fan base, she had no problem flashing her body parts to entice readers, namely men, to read about her and

watch her movies.


Stacey Dash’s comments on “Fox and Friends” were — well

See, facts are a pesky thing. It’s easy to go on a TV show, pontificate and throw out stuff that doesn’t get challenged. But Stacey, I’m a journalist. This is what I do. I went to school for this stuff. Not acting school. Actual college. So unlike a fictional movie, facts matter. And what you did on Fox News was lie just to try to make your point.

You might be the star of a movie called “Clueless.” Based on your TV performance on this issue, you should star in a new flick: “Factless.”

Roland S. Martin is host/managing editor of TV One Cable Network’s daily morning show, NewsOneNow; senior analyst of the Tom Joyner Morning Show; and host of the nationally syndicated Roland Martin Show. He can be reached at; and on Twitter @rolandsmartin


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