Stepping Into The Sun With Sun … Presidential Style Online New Writer Alert

June 17, 2014


We are excited and pleased to bring Carmen Sun onto Presidential Style’s writing team as the newest Lifestyle writer. Her ability to paint vivid images with her words make us excited to have her join us on this publication’s journey. With her many life experiences, from radio and stage plays to TV and more, Carmen has extensive capabilities and a wonderful background in entertainment and lifestyle. Always friendly, happy and helpful, you can follow her on Presidential Style Online and expect biweekly inspiration from Carmen as well.

Check out more information about Carmen below on some of the amazing things we learned about this beauty below:

When I was younger I learned that My Grandmother never made it passed a 4th grade education; However she was one of the smartest business women ever. I use to see my mother day in and day out type on this little yellow typewriter; she was always typing her life stories out. I said I wanted to be different. I wanted to speak for my family because they had all sacrificed so much for me.

 I have been doing Spoken word since I was 10 years old.

A lot of my challenges came when people felt that Spoken Word artists aren’t real performers they felt that the money we asked for was not necessary because all we did was poems…THAT was a huge challenge to gain respect in that field. I overcame that by being the only artist in my time with a fresh piece each time you hear me. It comes straight from the environment I am in at the time; having crisp, fresh words each time you speak. Allows people to respect your craft because they see you bare your sole just for them.

When I was able to share the stage with Malcom- Jamal Warner, Floetry, India Arie and many more, and knew that my craft was appreciated, there was no more trying to prove my worth.

In life I have taken blows; no different from everyone else. Despite that, in July I am Writing/Producing/Directing my first mini-stage play titled “Wednesday Took Her.” The mini stage play spotlights awareness of Domestic Violence Awareness of Dementia Severe impairment or loss of intellectual capacity and personality integration, due to the loss of or damage to neurons in the brain. You can also catch me doing a number of things with the PSJLIFE LET’S TALKSHOW team; a fun way for all us to communicate.

I am a mediator on one of her Chat lines on Monday Nights 8:30pm-9:30pm est (605-475-4000 access code 945830#) called BELLECHAT where we discuss RAW and IN YOUR face topics and it’s free for everyone.

In 2015 I will release my Second Book called Illusion of A Light Skinned Woman, and I am still traveling doing Spoken Word which is Vamping into another Amazing Journey. Two Beautiful Radio Shows The Gospel Train (Sundays 8:30am-11:00amest) and Believer’s Rock Drive Time (4pm-6pmest) all on Rejoice Gospel Joy 1490am in Wilmington NC, and not to forget the most exciting of all, writing a column on Presidential Style Magazine!

When I started in any industry I have learned you must have faith. I started so young; however I forgot what motivated me in the first place. That was to have stories done for the better of my family. Use my gift for what GOD provided me to use it for. My advise is to stay prayed up never forget why your gift was given to you.

I am a natural born so my style is shown a lot through my hair or colors. I do love to show power so a Nice sharp business suit does the trick. If I could wear a beautiful long sundress with painted pink toes/nails & a seasoned Michael Kors bag..I would do it for the rest of my life.

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