Stevie J Reportedly Doesn’t Approve Of Mimi Faust’s New Relationship… Hypocrite Much?

April 8, 2016

Mimi’s new relationship is just for the show and, according to TMZ, he doesn’t want his daughter being raised in a lesbian household. Stevie’s threatening legal action, but thinks he can persuade Mimi to see things his way.

So, essentially, if this is true, Stevie J is a hypocrite. Stevie’s currently in a relationship with Joseline Hernandez, who is openly bisexual and had brief sexualencounter with Mimi Faust, which Steviemay or may not have been present for. It seems that Stevie’s okay with Mimi having sexual relationships with women when it’s for his pleasure, but heaven forbid Mimi pursue a same-sex relationship for her own happiness. It also goes to show just what kind of person Stevie is if he’d rather his daughter see her mother unhappy, then in a loving relationship.

Even if it turns out that Mimi’s relationship is just for the cameras, what kind of hypocricy is this?