Sundance 2015 – Robert Fingerman – Film Consultant/CPA

December 23, 2014
Introducing my 2015 Sundance Film Festival client Robert S. Fingerman, CPA –

He is the founder and president of Independent Films Production Consultants, Inc., (IFPC) which provides a wide range of financial consulting, accounting, and tax services to the motion picture, recording, and media industries.

Robert Fingerman

IFPC also provides management and consulting services to artists, film producers, financiers, film funds, studios, distributors, directors, government film agencies, screenplay writers and playwright authors, as well as providing on-site film production accounting.  The firm also consults filmmakers on all the various state, federal and international film production tax incentives, including filings and tax preparation.

His over 25 years of experience in the entertainment industry includes working for some of the most respected entertainment accounting firms in the country, such as Prager and Fenton, where he was a tour accountant for rock and roll bands and was senior accountant to many well known recording stars, including Diana Ross, The Bee Gees, and Aerosmith.

He is a member of the American Film Institute, an Executive Producer Ambassador member of the GenArt Film Foundation of New York, The Sundance Institute, The Carbon Network, The Actors Fund of America, IFP – New York, The Film, Linkedin Media & Entertainment Professionals and the Forbes Advisory Panel.  He currently serves as advisor to several non-profit organizations, such as “Artfully Aware”, “The World Consciousness Center”, “The Peter Glenville Foundation” & “Victims Information Bureau (VIBS)”.

He has lectured at several universities regarding the financial aspects of independent film financing and production.  He is a regular guest lecturer at the New York University Tisch Film School.

He is also the managing partner of Fingerman & Macke, CPA, PC, a Long Island based CPA firm.  He has over 28 years experience in providing accounting and tax services to entrepreneurial, high net worth companies and individuals, primarily in real estate and the arts.

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