Tamera Young Wilmington NC Native Athlete Make History in WNBA Finals

September 8, 2014

Presidential Style caught up with Tamera Young at The Southeastern Hair & Fashion Show in Wilmington NC in July.  Since then she has been doing great.



Tamera Young is hands down the best female athlete to come out of Laney High School.

Now, she’s making history as she becomes the first female athlete from Wilmington to compete in the WNBA Finals. Young’s team, the Chicago Sky, lost the first of a five game series against the Phoenix Mercury on Sunday afternoon. Nonetheless, Young’s parents couldn’t be more proud of their favorite player.


“She always said she was going to college and major in basketball,” said Tamera’s mother, Lynda Brown. “That was her dream.” Young’s determination and drive made her a natural athlete from the beginning. “Her brother A. J. is the one who taught her how to play basketball, ” explained her stepfather, John Brown. “She would always be outside with her brother playing basketball, and I would say he was the force behind her success,” added Lynda. Another driving force was the support of Young’s older sister. “We could not afford to have both girls play A-A-U so my oldest daughter said, ‘Momma, since Tamera loves the game of basketball, and just has it in her, I’m going to back out and let her go’,” said Lynda. From that moment on, Young ate, slept, and breathed basketball, which made her an immediate standout at Laney High School. “Tamera is very good at taking it to the basket,” said Laney’s Head Coach Sherri Tynes with a smile. “She was 6-foot at the time so she was a very big presence on the floor.” Young’s presence would earn her the highest honors at Laney and a scholarship to James Madison University. “A lot of people told her she wouldn’t be able to play college ball,” said John. “She just loves those types of challenges to prove people wrong.” “She was just determined to make it and she did,”agreed Lynda. As the leading scorer for JMU, Young earned All-American status which brought her one step closer to her final goal. “A lot of people said she wouldn’t make it to the WNBA because JMU was a mid-level school,” stated Lynda. “But she always said if I am good enough they will find me.” In 2008, she found a home in the WNBA and was the 8th overall draft pick. “I’m proud of everything she’s accomplished, but to be there and witness her walking across that stage…it was just unbelievable,” smiled Lynda.

It’s a moment her mother will never forget.

Lynda said, “She hugged me before she went up and said momma we made it!”

via – WECT