Tarra Jackson “Madem Money”

June 30, 2014


In today’s world, a lot of people are living life from day to day without any thought or concern for next year. They will spend all of their income on a Michael Kors Bag fully knowing they can’t really afford it. They are living for the moment until reality sets in. Financial fornication is the topic of discussion and it can be found in a lot of us. Ms. Tarra Jackson is an expert in this area, and she speaks from experience. Very successful she is however; just like many professionals in many fields that service people, they are not always on top of their skills within themselves. For example; a stylist, at times may not have his or her own hair done while their client’s hair will be flawless. Tarra Jackson “Madam Money”, as she is commonly called, is a financial coach. She desires to help educate people and help them avoid making the same mistakes she did. She has published a book titled Confessions of a Financial Fornicator and has just finished her second book, Financial Love Languages which will be released before her first publication. She believes that it is important for people to learn how to communicate with each other because money matters are one of the leading causes of divorce due to financial miscommunication. Many don’t understand how to effectively communicate with each other, and people communicate differently with their money. There are different types of financial communicators. You have your investors, savers, givers and spenders. A saver needs to know how to speak to a spender, the giver needs to know how to speak to an investor and they all need to know how to interact with each other. When you understand who the other person is and who you are, the relationship will have better dialogue.

As beautiful as she is you would never guess by just looking at Tarra Jackson, that she turned 40 years old in February. She has been in financial services for over 20 years, and actually started in telemarketing selling credit cards as a teenager. She was very good at it, and she earned a promotion to quality assurance and was later promoted again to loan officer. Someone told her about an oratorical contest that would take place in New York City. She was immediately interested although, she did not know what an oratorical contest was, all she heard was a free trip to New York. She later asks what an oratorical contest was and was told that it involved public speaking. Given her past experiences speaking in front of large crowds and with the help of a lady who coached her through the event, she won the contest at the regional level. She then advanced in the competition that took place in Detroit, Michigan where she won the national competition as well. In 1997,Tarra started with the National Association of Urban Bankers, now Urban Financial Services Coalition. She moved on to Nations Bank, who at the time was the Purchase Fleet and Travel Cards for the government, which allowed her to travel all over the world. The company sent her to Germany and Spain just to name a few places to train other employees. Tarra then moved into other areas while working with other companies. While working for credit unions she became Vice President of Lending. She moved from Delaware to Atlanta becoming Executive Vice President and was moved up to Interim President CEO after the original President CEO was killed. This position was somewhat challenging for her due to the circumstances, nonetheless she stepped in and took on the responsibility gradually becoming more comfortable and realizing that it was a blessing. She can say today that she has run a financial institution.

Later, she returned to her original position of Executive Vice President and in 2012 she resigned. She made the decision to leave her position to save herself. Trusting God, she took that jump out on faith, not knowing where she was going to land. She believed the Lord had her back because he was telling her to jump. Believing that if she didn’t jump as God told her to he would have pushed her anyway to save her life. Thanking God for the experiences she doesn’t regret a thing. Meeting wonderful people and learning so much that she can keep with her ways. She is happy and excited to give birth to her new baby. She believes that like any pregnancy you’re excited to learn what you are having but the labor pains hurt and some people abort their dreams because they are so uncomfortable but; if you can just bear through the contractions you will be introduced to something so wonderful, so beautiful, that you would be proud of. She wants to help others buy showing how not to make the mistakes she made as a financial fornicator. She wants to help marriages by helping people understand that a marriage is built from God, love, and trust. “No one should divorce over money.”


Tarra, believes that her career chose her. She needed a job and after fast food every opportunity was based around financial services. She initially wanted to be an auditor but after enrolling in Accounting II she said “oh no!” She changed her major to communications and T.V. & radio productions thinking she was going to be a talk show host or a singer and song writer. With so many things she wanted to do she always maintained stability in financial services. Tarra tells Presidential Style she had a spending addiction, she went through foreclosure, yet she was an executive vice president of a credit union that could help others with all kinds of financial decisions. She says that she was like the stylist whose hair was a mess but made other people’s hair beautiful. She believes that most people are that way. She doesn’t want anyone to feel embarrassed, she is here to help and she is helping from experience. She doesn’t want anyone to be like her, but better than her. Working in her field she understands the philosophy behind financial institutions and why they do the things they do with rates and so forth. Her passion is to help people understand the rules of the game. She wants people to be able to play the same game the financial institutions play. “You cannot play checkers while they are playing chess, because you will lose” as she so elegantly puts it. Tarra says that one of the best things about her career was the ability to help so many people and make an impact on their lives. Making positive decisions to help them keep their belongings or to be able to do certain things. She insists that it was never about having the control and the power but being able to help people although, all decisions were not in the consumer’s favor because she had to protect the institution and follow government regulations.

For more information about Ms. Tarra Jackson “Madam Money” you can follow her on Twitter @MsMadamMoney and look for her up coming books Financial Love Languages and Confessions of a Financial Fornicator.