Teen Summit 9 Presented By Urban Promotions, Coast 97.3, G.R.I.T.S. (Girls Rocking in the South), DOI Dolls, Young Moguls, Community Boys and Girls Club, Core DJs

August 13, 2014

Urban Promotions is a service run by Brandon Hickman (CEO) and Sandra McClammy (President) of

Wilmington who both have a sincere interest in improving the quality of life for the community’s youth. We

recognize the Wilmington community’s constant battle to overcome unpredictable social insecurities. Notably

“challenged families” who are raising our youth are affected by this trend… and the cases for adequacy in

both the academic and social avenues continue to lack substance.

Urban Promotions along with Coast 97.3 is excited to announce TEEN SUMMIT 9, Saturday, August 23, 2014 at

the Community Boys and Girls Club, 901 Nixon St. Wilmington NC…This year’s theme: “PLUGGIN IN TO


In an effort to address the social inadequacy of our community’s youth, this Teen Summit will display our

sincere effort to continue to be a major part of the equation needed to solve many of the community’s efforts to

promote change in our youth. We have planned a day by which both the youth and adults will walk away with

a renewed sense of hope and new possibilities. Events such as this allow concerned citizens the opportunity to

assume an indirect position as motivators, leaders, and mentors.

The day consists of panel discussions for Teens and Parents, special performances, workshops for young men

and women and lunch…and Back to School Supplies…totally FREE!

For More Information go to Coast 97.3