Terry Pullen With His Dynasty

December 25, 2014



Presidential Style met up with Terry Pullen, owner of Dynasty Guard, at a local event, where we discussed his new security business.Β  For

the last 10 years he has worked for other companies doing security. He started with 12 Shields in Wilmington, North Carolina. He then started his own company in the private sector after stepping out on faith and becoming tired of working for other people. He has always done security and loved every aspect of the business. Terry knew exactly what was needed to get his business up and running.
The name Dynasty Guard came about while having a conversation with his brother. His brother was telling him that him and “his boys” were like a Dynasty and immediately a light bulb went off in his head and he told himself, “that’s it, we are Dynasty Guard.” He built his brand starting with Dynasty Guard “Security” adding Dynasty Unlimited “Production” and Dynasty ” Towing and Recover,” along with Dynasty Diamonds “Female Dancers.” Also, Dynasty Guard is affiliated with Fire Squad,Β DJ Amp Pro and now, Presidential Styles.
We didn’t have to ask what motivates him because he stated many times that his biggest motivation is the love he has for his wife and kids.
Dynasty Guard is fully staffed and available for many different events and is available for just about any type of occasion. Dynasty Guard will keep you covered. Coming Soon, you will soon see Dynasty Guard at various events sponsored by Presidential Style. Dynasty Guard is looking forward to working with you as well. We wish you and yours a happy holiday!






Visit them on Facebook at Dynasty GuardΒ Β for Booking Information