The “Anaconda” rapper has won the lawsuit that was brought by her former wig stylist Terrence Davidson.

August 28, 2014


Presidential Style caught up with Terrence Davidson on he Glam Tour with his team in Wilmington NC as he stopped through as a judge at the Southeastern Hair and Fashion Show 2014.  He spirits high, very friendly Terrence wasn’t worried  about a thing. with he long list of celebrity clients Nicki was just a small fraction of his Empire.




On February 21, 2014 the wig beef between Nicki Minaj and her ex stylist Terrence Davidson continued all the way to court, he served Nicki (Onika Maraj,)  with a $30 million lawsuit.  Terrence Davidson filed a lawsuit in a district court in Atlanta, alleging that his former client Nicki Minaj (he was the maker of all those multi-colored wigs that got her so much attention) STOLE his wig designs.  He also claims she discouraged him from taking a potential reality show deal.

Nicki and Terrence split last year and it was an extra messy fall out. Now that Nicki is selling wigs on her website–allegedly in the same likeness as the wigs Terrence once created–Terrence is pissed. Terrence also revealed in the suit  that he and Nicki discussed launching a wig line together, with an accompanying reality shiw.  But that never went down.







News Update


The “Anaconda” rapper has won the lawsuit that was brought by her former wig stylist Terrence Davidson.

Davidson attempted to argue that he worked “with numerous renowned entertainers that had global brands including Patti Labelle and Jennifer Hudson,” prior to him pairing up with Minaj. He then finished by saying that the rapper did not have the same brand level as him at the time, since Minaj was just getting her foot in the door when they began working together and he had already established himself and his business.

BET reports the judge threw out the lawsuit, choosing to side with the rapper on her reasoning that she and Davidson were on the same level brand wise at the time.