The Best 5 Cities for Celebrity Property Rentals By: Property Expert Kelly Swann

October 14, 2014

Property Expert Kelly Swann

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Believe it or not, most celebrities have landlords. Yes!  They live in rented homes just like you and I. Well almost, their price tags are somewhat higher. While there are rentals homes all over the US, for celebrities, they choose certain areas to call home. Here are the top five:


5.) Atlanta, GA: Home to such reality stars like Porsha Williams who rented a 6 bedroom, 8000 square foot mini mansion. Porsha was rumored to have paid between $8,000- $12,000 a month for her home.



4.) The Hamptons: Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian rented a 14 million dollar waterfront mansion, which boasted 5 bedrooms, 6.5 bathrooms on a 3 acre lot.


3.) New York City, NY- Rhianna is the ultimate renter. This diva rents a swanky penthouse, as well as several other rental homes in NYC. Her penthouse has 3 bedrooms, 3.5 baths and she reportedly pays $39,000 a month for her home.



2.) Beverly Hills, CA- Justin Bieber rents his $29,000 a month home here. Justin’s home has its own nightclub, theater, 3 bars and indoor gym.


1.) Los Angeles, CA:  Jay Z and Beyoncé rent a 16,000 sq. ft. home that is currently on the market for $48 million dollars.  The huge master bedroom with 3 walk in closets, infinity pool, wine cellar, and 6500 square feet of multi terrace outdoor views, rents for $200,000 a month.



Some people have asked why do celebrities who in most cases have unlimited income, rent homes instead of buying? There are several reasons (stay tuned to my next article to find out the top 5 reasons celebrities rent) why a celebrity would choose to rent. When you rent a house, you typically only have a flat monthly fee that you’ll pay the landlord. The landlord takes care of all other costs of home-ownership including rising property taxes and maintenance expenses. Renting gives you greater control over your finances, something celebrities value. Also, if you’re unsure of where you’re next dollar is coming from, but one faced by many Hollywood actors, writers and producers – renting allows you to spend more or less depending on your cash flow.

Additionally renting allows you freedom to move around when you want to without having to be tied to a mortgage payment or trying to sell your home if you suddenly get traded to a new basketball team mid-season. Next time we will also take a sneak peek inside of Chris Brown’s $15,000 a month rental home and we will talk to Musiq Soulchild aka The Husel about the chill spots in his home, where he loves to write his hits.

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