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The Cold case of Jam Master Jay brought to a close.

August 20, 2020

It’s no news that the execution of the infamous “Jam Master Jay” Jason Mizell Of Run DMC has been unsolved for over a decade (18 years), But finally his family gains some closure as his murders are finally taken into custody. Apparently the hit was carried out due to an alleged large Cocaine deal gone wrong. Multiple media outlets are saying Jay was apart of a drug ring for Atleast 6 years. The deal that cost him his life was a multi-state deal worth $1.7 million dollars.

Karl Jordan Jr. and Ronald Washington have been recently named as co conspirators in his death. They were supposed to distribute 10 kilos of cocaine trafficked from Midwest suppliers along with other conspirators. Jay told Washington he would not be apart of the deal, and at that point Jr. and Washington devised a plan to kill Jay. He was killed in cold blood at his Jamaica, Queens recording studio on Oct, 30. 2002.

The ATF New York Field Division released a statement stating their belief the case was worth pursuing, despite the 18 years it took to obtain enough evidence to pursue a conviction.“Working tirelessly alongside the NYPD Cold Case Squad, we were determined to bring justice for the Mizell family and see these killers held accountable,” ATF Acting Special Agent-in-Charge McCormick said. “For nearly eighteen years, one of these alleged perpetrators walked freely, thinking he’d gotten away with murder. But today, thanks to the unwavering efforts of the investigators and prosecutors, two individuals will answer for their crimes.”

Full details on the proceedings here: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/08/17/nyregion/Jam-master-Jay-murder-arrests.amp.html