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August 26, 2015


Atlanta’s Premiere Health and Fitness Expo is scheduled for
September 19, 2015 from 10-6pm

Atlanta’s premiere Health & Fitness community will join forces on September 19th.  Join us for our signature “Transformational Panel” hosted by TissFit and our “Healthy, Fit and Sexy over 40 Panel” hosted by Bo Talley.  There will be lots of entertainment, vending, healthy cooking demonstrations, education, and classes.  So grab your sneakers, your water bottles, and your girlfriends and plan to spend the day focusing on YOU!

Our complete fitness schedule can be found below:


Title: “Boom Shock N Lock”
Presented By: Stephanie Jones (Boom Shock Fitness)
Description: Backed by high energy music, this cardio and body sculpting based workout will get your heart pumping and those muscles popping. You will learn some hype combinations and get a full body workout that you will enjoy. It’s fun, effective, and easy to follow. All fitness levels are welcomed, and no dance experience is required.

Title: “Total Body Strength & Toning”
Presented By: Bo Talley
Description: Total Body Strength & Toning Workout with Bo Talley is an explosive full body-strength workout routine that employs an effective blend of body weight training exercises, cardio and body resistance training to burn fat, boost endurance and sculpt lean muscle from head to toe. The strength and toning session will teach you how to strengthen and tone your muscles using your own body weight.

Title:“Buns Busta”
Presented By: Tissili “Tiss Fit” Rogers
Description: Buns Busta specifically targets the “Problem Areas” of the lower body. This class caters to those areas we all want to get firmer. Toned thighs, lifted glutes and slender hips are just some of the benefits you will receive from taking the “Buns Busta” challenge!

Title: “Band-Tastic!”
Presented By: Frank Adams
Description: This will be a high energy, total body workout experience.  Using different resistance bands from mini bands for individual exercises to big bands for partner and group exercises. Bring your inner athlete to the party!

Title: “Kangaroo Fit”
Presented By: Lawanda Brokenborough
Description: Burn up to 20 calories per minute while reducing up to 80 % of impact with Kangoo Jumps rebound shoes! Dance, bounce, and jump to upbeat music! Shoes are provided for class!

Title: Pink Barre
Presented by: Tiffany Lizon/Maureen Chatelain
Description: Are you barre curious? Don’t miss this opportunity to try out the hottest new fitness trend to hit Atlanta! This workout tones and strengthens the entire body while correcting imbalances created by other types of workouts. It is effective and sustainable for long term health and fitness. Pink Barre is the game changer you’ve been looking for!

Title: “Standing Abs”
Presented By: Guru of Abs
Description: Stomach sculpting standing abs will consist of various excesses involving moving the body through the three planes of motion; sagittal, frontal and transverse which targets movements like bending, rotating and bracing the core.

Title: “Fight For Your Life”
Presented By: Jessica Lane
Description: You don’t want to miss this boxing class that allows you to partake in one of the best workouts of your life! It incorporates a class structure that will help you to lose weight, tone muscle, increase energy and learn self-defense taught by Olympic Hopeful Jessica Laine, and Usher’s world-class trainer Xavier Biggs.

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