The Greatest Sex I Ever Had With Luv Life Entertainment

May 12, 2014

Coming up on seven years in November, Luv Life Entertainment has been producing high quality services such as videographer, photography, events and music. Nakia Hamilton, owner of Luv Life Entertainment and Jay James, president are working on a new Christian based movie called The Greatest Sex I Ever Had.

He wanted not to have the average cookie cutter Christian movie. It’s a comedy about three Christian couples that have problems with their sex lives. Instead of going to God they try to handle it themselves. In the movie they go through things that they believe the average Christians doesn’t go through.

The highly anticipated movie is due to be released this summer 2014 in Wilmington, NC. He feels like God led him in this direction because for years he only did music and events. He had just got saved and had a conversation with God. At that time he told God that he was stopping everything he was doing and only do what he had called him to do. He felt the message from God saying video. A couple days later he went back to his mother house in the same spot, he turned on the TV to the Wilmington’s Public Access Channel and he friend Fuzz Jackson was on there, his first time every really paying attention this channel and there is friend was. Inspired by the message he received from God he then went and spoke with someone else who had a studio. Who told him that someone had just given him some video software and he could have it. He said this has to be God. He then calls Time Warner Cable and asked what would he have to do to get his own show on the Public Access Channel. They told him to send in a demo. From there it took him 8 months to get a show together. And they had a spot for him. And that was his start.

He felt that, that story wasn’t just about his start with his new venture in his career but him getting closer to God and being able to hear God when he speaks. Letting go and letting God. A couple of challenges they faced was being judged by people before they knew what’s going on and what they had to offer. This was easy to overcome, because once people seen how professional they were, and their work spoke for it self. Learning as they went along was a good challenge. They were use to doing music and events so with they step out on faith there was a lot of trial and error. Key was they never gave up.

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