The “Heals Act” the Second stimulus need to know

July 28, 2020

On Monday the GOP confirmed the HEALS act has been passed this includes; a second round of stimulus checks will be sent out through the month of August. This includes extended unemployment benefits (Most-likely not with the extra 600$) and a Reemployment bonus for those who gain new employers, though no word on the exact amount at the moment as they’re still sorting out the details.

“The check is there,” White House economic advisor Larry Kudlow said Sunday on CNN. “The reemployment bonus is there. The retention bonus is there. There will be breaks for small tax credits for small businesses and restaurants. That’s all going to be there.”

The Senate’s last day in session before its August recess is Aug. 7, which means Congress has to agree on a final stimulus bill before then if it keeps to its schedule. After that, senators return to their home states until the session picks up again Sept. 8. So hopefully we’ll be seeing our checks by the middle of August. For more info check out the relating article:

Update: A recent press Conference with President Donald J. Trump on Wednesday revealed that the upcoming stimulus may be more than the original $1,200.

He wants the next coronavirus relief package to be “very generous” with direct stimulus payments to Americans that are potentially more than $1,200. “It may go higher than that, actually,” Trump said in an interview with ABC affiliate KMID in Texas during a trip to the state.