The Key To Renting Your Celebrity Home (by Celebrity Property Expert “Kelly Swann”)

August 12, 2014

#YourIdealHome host “Kelly Swann”

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Did you know that the luxury rental market has approved your stay at the home of a celebrity? Stars from Mick Jagger to Bruce Willis open their homes to be rented for vacations and long extended stays. Some potential renters must submit a bio, and the stars personally approve each application. The Villa ( home of Mick Jagger) includes Japanese-inspired casa Jagger— a cook, housekeeper, and gardener.

And Jagger is hardly the only celebrity handing over the keys to his kingdom to strangers. Increasingly, A-listers are offering their properties to anyone—or at least, anyone who can afford the sometimes eye-popping cost. At Stargroves, the tab starts at $15,000 per week; others cost more than that per night.

Why would a celebrity open his home to strangers? According to the experts, it’s a very wise fiscal decision, and even heavy-hitters who aren’t necessarily desperate for cash still want to break even. “As a graduate of the London School of Economics, Mick Jagger is an astute businessman,” says Richard Klug of Beverly Hills–based Sotheby’s International Realty, who works with high-profile clients. “He understands that leasing out the property when he’s not there helps defray costs for the house.”

Klug also explains that stars, especially those in the music business, have been hard hit over the past five years due to dramatic changes in payment methods and royalty structures. The result: many of them are being forced to scale down, which means they’re willing to give up the keys to their beachfront villas.

Megastar Bruce Willis rents his Turks and Caicos compound, the Residence on a weekly basis. The oceanfront property has a five-bedroom main residence, two three-bedroom guest villas, a gigantic pool, and white furnishings.

Guests staying at Merv Griffin’s 40-acre, 14-bedroom Palm Springs estate are encouraged to chat with the house staff, who worked with the star and love to share stories. They’re also welcome to take Griffin’s swan paddleboat for a spin on the property’s lake, visit the racetrack and horses, or check out the photos of Griffin taken with various presidents.

For stars who like the idea of renting their home but don’t want guests snooping everywhere, Randy Travis has the “ideal solution”. At his Santa Fe property, Travis kept the sacred office/gym—where he wrote seven songs in two days—off-limits to guests.

One of the most popular sites to book your stay at a celebrity villa is The company has dozens of vacation home rentals from different movies, TV shows and old celebrity real estate all around the country.

There are also Celebrity Property Managers, like myself, who can help you locate and negotiate “Your Ideal home” whether it is at a celebrity property, or the home used on the set of your favorite reality stars.  

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