The Pre-Requisite Woman by Latasha R. Williams

January 19, 2016

The Pre-Requisite Woman 

There aren’t many things that I am 100% convinced of, I’m more of a show and tell type of person.  However, there is one I belief I stand firm on.  Whether I have to

af prove it as being the one or if I’m to discover the one but: I’m totally convinced an Afro-Curly/Natural Hair  woman  will save the world.  No one can tell me otherwise.  All hair is natural (that’s another article) but black  people possess  afro curly hair and that is how I will refer to our hair.

I’m Tasha, probably the biggest Afro-Curly ENTHUSIAST you will know.  Enthusiast?

Yes.  Enthusiast.

Allow me to define this just a little.  I do not own a salon nor do I desire to own a salon (as of this minute).  I do  not  manufacture any products nor do I desire to (as of this minute).  I am, with everything in me, an Afro-Curly  Enthusiast.  When you believe in something no matter what your “something” is you promote it, go-hard for it,  and  you work tirelessly to support the cause the effect and the players.  That is what I do.  Even though I do not  desire  what others may desire working in the Afro-Curly industry, I am one who believes in that journey from the  mindset to  the follicle. I research the history of hair, a die-hard Creative of afro curly events and planning, seek  and refer stylists  all over the country, curate, brand, and market my own business endeavor, and I willingly serve  as a channel of the  Divine’s synchronicities all while dashing to gates and serving Coca-Cola’s as a Flight  Attendant.  Doesn’t sound like  much but it’s a full-time venture that keeps me awake until sunrise most evenings.   Fulfilling, rewarding, and  necessary to the industry to form constellations of support.

(OK, got it.  So what’s that “…save the world” piece about?)

I know.  It sounds crazy but I’m telling you.  IF the world will be saved, it will be by an Afro-Curly woman.  The  journey to return Afro or to remain Afro-Curly takes a woman through ample amounts of physicality’s, emotions, and definitely spiritualistic views.  As an Afro-Curly Enthusiast one has to believe the journey is more about what our hair does FOR us than what it IS.  What we have to realize is this: it’s beyond hair.  Think about it this way: there is the thought of returning natural (critical thinking), the choice to “chop” or not to “chop” (decision-making), questioning of can I do it (esteem-building), the will to do it (activism), speaking with others about it (an inquisitive nature), encouraging other women to take the journey with you (team-building), supporting them through their journey (motivation), finding the right products (veracious choices), selecting a stylist (black business backing), absolutely loving whatever your follicle does once pushing through your scalp (judgement-free).  I could go on and on honestly.  Critical thinking, making great choices, judgement-free, curiosity/an inquisitive nature, activism.  Aren’t these all attributes to a healthy society? An Afro-Curled woman has all of the pre-requisites. We are ready and activated to do so.

I cannot quite put into words how honored I am for the Editor-In-Chief and Staff of Presidential Style to bring me on as a contributor to this awesome organization.  She is an honest Grinder and one of the hardest working women I know.  This is a part of my journey I had not expected.  Honored to say the least.  Ready for the challenge.



What I hope to bring is somewhat a deeper awareness to the Afro-Curly woman, who she is from a cultural perspective, give reason why “our” hair really isn’t just hair, and hopefully convert some of the processed non-believers. If you are looking for DIY (do-it-yourself) recipes or the such, this probably isn’t the blog for you.  However, when I come across awesome products or systems, I will ABSOLUTELY share. But the focus is to educate, enlighten and inform our deep seated journeys from perspectives of study and the art of science.  I too have a sense of humor, sometimes precisely witty and sometimes…. NOT J but nevertheless I have a hard core passion for black people to understand, embrace, themselves as well as love their afro curled hair.

I too am Afro-Curled.  I wear an Onyx Crown and I welcome the company of your presence on this walk with me.