The Ultimate Happy-Marriage Checklist

February 4, 2016

Marriage is a two syllable word, but is not as simple as it seems when separating the word into syllables (mar – riage). Marriage is a simple word with complex components. It takes a lot of work to have the ultimate marriage and below are a list of tools to make it all possible. Good luck ladies and gentlemen with best wishes in conquering the ULTIMATE HAPPY- MARRIGE from PRESIDENTIALSTYLEONLINE.


Hug Your Partner at the End of the Day

A hug, a kiss, at the very least a smile—it feels like a no-brainer. But we’re so caught up in day-to-day stuff—cooking dinner, checking email, helping with homework—that a touch is usually the first thing to go. “Stop whatever it is you’re doing and acknowledge each other when you first meet after a long day,” says Andrea Syrtash, author of Cheat on Your Husband (with Your Husband). “It sets the tone for a better, more connected evening. It could be for just five seconds, but you send the message that your partner is a priority in your life and that you’re going to acknowledge it.” Without physical touch and the personal connection it spurs, you risk becoming roommates rather than lovers.

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Build Your Team Spirit

“The most important element of making a relationship work is teamwork,” says Dr. Tina Tessina, Ph.D., author of Money, Sex and Kids: Stop Fighting About The Three Things That Can Ruin Your Marriage. “If you play tug of war with each other, you won’t get anywhere. But as partners, you can accomplish anything.” Everyone loves a good team—just look at how riled up we all are over the World Cup. Bring a little bit of that spirit to your relationship. It could be as simple as joining your local bowling league and making T-shirts that say “Team Smith.” “Playing up that in-it-together mentality enhances the bonds of your relationship,” adds Tessina. So when it comes time to huddle over a serious issue like finances, you’ll be pumped to get on the same page.


Treat Your Partner Like a Child

Yes, you read that right. Think about it: You know it’s not enough to tell a child, “I love you. You’re the greatest.” You need to be specific and focus on the actual task they’ve accomplished, like, “You did a great job setting the table” or “You were so brave to tell your friend she hurt your feelings,” says Harriet Lerner, Ph.D., author of Marriage Rules. That same logic applies to your husband—crystal-clear compliments go a lot further than vague verbal pats on the back. “Speaking to specifics warms things up and lets your partner know why you really admire him,” helping to reinforce a real connection, adds Lerner.


Plan to Be Spontaneous

It sounds like an oxymoron, but after the new-relationship novelty wears off and schedules get crazier, it’s harder to find time to have sex. So treat getting busy as you would any other important to-do and put it on your calendar. “Scheduling sex may be unsexy, but that doesn’t mean the act itself has to be unsexy,” says Syrtash. “Pick a time, then build up to it—flirt as you get ready for work, send a racy text in the middle of the day, have fun with it.” Many couples get bogged down in the practical and forget to keep the play alive. Don’t be those people.

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