The World Will Never Be The Same: A Perspective on Life After COVID-19

April 17, 2020

Here we are in the month of April, and we are officially smack dab in the middle of this ongoing coronavirus chaos. Businesses are either shut down or unable to operate at their full potential, and people are displaced and unsure of when things will return back to normal. It is quite safe to say that this is a worldwide concern. Doesn’t it make you stop and think, and ask yourself, are the way things are now possibly our new normal? Will the world ever be like it was before this pandemic took place and disrupted the flow of life in the way we had all become accustomed to? 

Photo by Anaya Katlego on Unsplash

And then, of course, there are conspiracy theories. Was the virus created in a lab in an effort to manipulate population control? Or is the magnitude of the virus being blown out of proportion in order for the government to capitalize on people’s fear and vulnerability and usher in martial law? Is this really chemical warfare or signals from 5G towers and not an actual virus? Everywhere you turn, someone has a new theory or explanation. People share and believe these apparently due to the sense of security and control It offers them according to the New York Times.

Truth be told, what we deem to be normal can and will change. In reality, that is the pattern of history. Change is the only thing that is truly constant. With that said, as abnormal as things feel at the moment, if it did in fact become the new normal, then after a while we wouldn’t know any difference. Humans are resilient and adaptable creatures and whether we realize it or not, we can adjust to just about anything. Just over 100 years prior to now, the Spanish Flu pandemic was in effect and though it did much damage, and likely left lasting impressions, the world had no choice but to go on. According to the CDC, it is estimated that about 500 million people or one-third of the world’s population became infected with this virus.

Photo by:; Description: California 1918 amid Spanish Flu Pandemic; A man is wearing a sign that reads, Wear A Mask Or Go To Jail

The changes that have taken place have been anything but subtle and fall into the category of drastic, easily. The majority of the world is working from home with the exception of front-line essential workers. And the saddest part of it all, is that when people lose relatives and loved ones they now have to go about the funeral service and burial differently. Gone are the days where families come together to comfort one another with the exchange of a warm hug, thanks to social distancing. That means no repass after the funeral service and no meeting as a group at a restaurant either. Dine-in restaurants are either closed or function as delivery and pick up services only. 

The paranoia, the unrest and the lives lost during this time will stay in our minds and hearts forever. Journalist Ryan Broderick of Buzzfeed, perceives that when we emerge, we will be different people in a different world.Although I like to keep an optimistic approach, I actually feel the same way. However, this doesn’t have to spell doom and gloom and a lifetime of depression. Aside from the havoc this thing called corona has wreaked on the world, some good things have come from them as well.

Photo by Humphrey Muleba on Unsplash

People are not able to eat out as much and so we are saving money by eating home-cooked meals. Many are quarantined with their significant others and their children and this can also be a really good thing. Although parenting can be a bit overwhelming at times and mates can get on your nerves, we don’t have to wonder where they are and if they are safe. If we make the choice to look at the glass half full instead of half empty, we can use this to our advantage and strengthen bonds and relationships like never before.  

Presidents and CEOs are now just as uncertain as janitors and fast-food service workers. At this time, no one is flaunting their riches and bragging about their status because right now, many are unclear on what that even looks like currently. The economy has taken a blow, and those who held all the cards and lived privileged lives have reason to worry. Those who have never been rich and had to work hard to make ends meet and still struggle, aren’t nearly as afraid because fortunately, the tables are turning. Perhaps the world as we knew it will never be the same and perhaps that’s a good thing. Maybe it didn’t need to continue as it was and just maybe we needed a change.