There’s Now an App That Can Track Who Unfriended You on Facebook

September 15, 2015
If you’ve ever wanted to know who got sick of your social media habits that include any or all of the following:

•Too many pictures of your child, including an entire album of 20+ photos titled “Sitting on a Bench”
•Too many pictures of your pet, including an entire album of 20+ photos titled “Sitting on a Bench”
•Too many photos of your mediocre food with the hashtag #foodie
•Too many vague status updates for attention/sympathy. For example: “Sometimes it’s just not fair.”
•Too many sent requests for games that include candy, farming or crime

There’s now an app for that.

Who Deleted Me, Facebook

There are plenty of ways for people to avoid Facebook habits that really piss you off (we did a whole guide for you in this story), but there might be some “friends” who may have been so fed up with you they just straight up clicked “Unfriend.”

Who Deleted Me is an app that can be used for iOS or Android of as a browser extension for Google Chrome. It’s beautiful in its simplicity. When you use it for the first time, it downloads your Friends list. Then any time you log in after the first time, it compares your original friend list to your current one and boom! It can tell you who left your Facebook life for greener pastures.

Who Deleted Me, Facebook

Unfortunately, it can only track those who unfriend you from the moment you download it and not before, so you’ll never know exactly when your ex cleaned you from his or her Facebook feed. Also, let that go. You’re better than that.

Feeling extra stalker-y? You can even check the last time your friends logged onto Facebook just in case you want to confront them for not liking your latest #foodie picture of your Applebee’s appetizer plate.

So go ahead and confront anyone who unfriends you on Facebook. Make it reeeallyawkward, too. Or you can just not give a damn who unfriends you on Facebook and get back to work on your latest photo album titled “Baby Dylan Looks at His Plate Full of Goldfish Crackers.”

You do you, Facebook user! You do you.


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