VH1 Releases Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood Reunion Sneak Peek; Watch Tonight

December 8, 2014

VH1 has released a preview of the Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood reunion special, and it looks like they’ve learned a thing or two from the brawl that took place at the Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta reunion.

In the clip, Hazel E, who was involved with Yung Turd (oops, I meant Berg) on the show, confronts her former friend, Masika Tucker, who’s now dating Berg. When Masika mocks Hazel’s tears over the situation, Hazel jumps from her seat to fight Masika, but is stopped by security before things could get physical. I’m still in a state of total shock and bewilderment that any woman would fight over Berg, but maybe the pool of single men is so small in Hollywood, that women have resorted to dating and catching feelings for any ol’ a-hole that shows them the slightest bit of attention, but I digress.

In related news, I recently caught up with Apryl Jones, who’s the girlfriend of R&B star Omarion and one of the other stars of Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood. Apryl and Omarion became new parents while shooting the show, but have been dogged by rumors that Omarion isn’t the father of their baby, Megaa. When I asked her about the paternity rumors, she told me, “Honestly, when we heard about the rumor, we just laughed. I don’t know how people make up such outlandish things, but it’s funny – it’s comical. It comes with the territory, so there was no thought put into it. Obviously, we know that that’s Omari’s child.”

Check out the Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood sneak peek below, and to read my interview with Apryl in its entirety, be sure to check out my column, “The Scoop With The Hip-Hop Socialite”, on

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