[VIDEO] 100 Days to Get THRU by Andrew J. Richard

December 18, 2015

Andrew J. Richard is the author of “100 Days to get THRU”. This amazing young man has a background in music and videography.  He found his spark, stepped out on faith and has jumped started his own life to another level. Below are some of his remarks and a commerial about his book.


Featuring  Kania Fennell

Going into this I had no idea what I was doing. The most I knew was I had a phone full of written thoughts and GOD saying write a book. My purpose initially was just to vent on Facebook, but the reactions and thanks for my words put my mind in a different perspective. Seeing what my words could do for others, sparked this day to day process I began to write. That’s when I knew that life is all about finding that spark. This book is not me preaching or lecturing you. This book is me putting your mind in a different perspective day to day hoping you find that spark to jump start your life to another level. This book is not for the perfect person because i’m not perfect. This book is not for the person with all the answers. This book is for the person with good and bad days. The person who’s willing to have an open mind on life. The person who’s needing a little more to get through the day. No one has to know what you write inside each day. This is your book and what you write is your choice. This if for those who need the words but can’t talk to anyone. You finally have somewhere to speak your peace.


You can find this book on Amazon by clicking this link  Andrew J. RIchard


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