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[VIDEO] How Makeup Empowers Women

June 16, 2015

I want every woman to know that she is beautiful, irreplaceable and that she blesses this world with her unique talents. I’ve devoted my life to makeup. The implication that it can hurt a woman’s self-esteem is something I take personally.




When you put on makeup, you’re saying, “Here I am. I took three minutes today for myself because I deserve it.”

Once an acquaintance described another woman to me in this way: “She wears makeup, so you know what that means – she’s insecure.” My immediate reaction was “Do you know who you’re talking to? You’re not only saying that my choice of profession is hurting womanhood, but also that as a female sitting here with, yes, a full face of makeup, I’m also insecure.”

How is taking pride in your appearance hurting your confidence? How is putting on lip gloss another way of saying that you’re not satisfied with what God gave you? Makeup empowers a woman to present herself in exactly the way she chooses. She is the one deciding, which contributes to her self-esteem.

When you put on makeup, you’re saying, “Here I am. I took three minutes today for myself because, you know what, I deserve it.”

If that’s not demonstrating self-esteem, I don’t know what is.

My “aha” moment came when I was sitting with my father – both my parents are doctors – and we were watching a television segment on scientists’ efforts to cure cancer. I turned to him and said, “They’re saving lives, and I’m here putting mascara on people. Who is that helping?”

“You’re healing people in your own way,” he said. “You’re educating and encouraging.” I will never forget his response.

Makeup doesn’t just transform you on the outside. It transforms you from within, filling you with a sense of empowerment and strength, and that’s a beautiful thing.


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