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[VIDEO] How to Elongate Your Curls: DIY – Goodbye Shrinkage with “No More Hair Breakage” with Kiffany Fennell

June 21, 2019

Some say blow drying your curls can cause damage. I say your blow dryer can be your BFF if you use it correctly. When wanting a longer, stretched look, turn your blow dryer on the temperature that best suits your texture to prevent heat damage.    

Once we’re turned on cool, you can use the tension method as well as the comb attachment or a brush. Just depending on how must you want to elongate your curl pattern.  The tension method you simply hold my hair our at its length and blow dry. This means thoroughly detangling your hair first, then stretching it to its maximum length and waving the blow dryer back and forth until that section dries.

In all, it takes you about 30-60 minutes to complete this task. Keep in mind, the texture, density, porosity, and length have a lot to do with the length of time, so times may vary depending.

Check out the tutorial below.

Can Hair Products Actually Elongate?

Now, there are those products that claim to help elongate the curls as well so here are is one but honestly, it seems the trick is a product with little to no water and heavy or give a heavy hold to help weigh down the hair and help with elongation. Many just go the DIY route and try a smoothing mixture, moisturizing and smoothing treatment for your curls. Those heavier products with the absence of water along with the aid of one of the anti-shrinkage tip above can, in fact, elongate your curls, coils, and waves. Here is a  product to try that is light yet heavy enough to do the job if you incorporate it with one of the above methods.