[VIDEO] Steppin Up INTERVIEW with Tameka Small Brown

January 20, 2016

Next Up!!! Tameka Brown Small

Are you starting off your New Year dealing with acne, mild scarring, rough and dry skin? If so, WHY? You can come on into Majik Hands Dayspa for a Consultation to talk about Chemical Peels and Facials!! These two treatments are really great for people with mild acne conditions as well as mold scarring. You can achieve a improvement on you skin with the assistance of my Majik Hands Dayspa, LLC!! Say yes to FAB SKIN and NO to unruly and dry flaky skin!!! Don’t Cover it up, let me help you fix it up!!!

Facials, Lashes, Chemical Peels, Waxing, Eyebrow/Lash Tinting!!! Linnaeus Esthetician here for all your beauty enhancements!!

It’s not to late for you to schedule your appointment. I’m here for your beauty enhancements and your skincare needs! If you’ve been breaking out a little, suffering from dry and flaky skin a facial will exfoliate and replenish your moisture. Call 338-9228 to schedule your facial!!!