[VIDEO] THE VIEWS ARE IN!! Selling Out Theaters Nationally… Presidential Styles Gives 5 Stars to “Beautifully Insecure” THE Must See Movie of 2017

March 21, 2017


Related image Saturday night in Wilmington NC at Bridge Church supporters came from near and far to be a part of the ONLY free premiere for Beautifully Insecure ever. Needless to say it was a packed house. Presidential Style gives this movie 5 Stars. This movie is fulled with comedy, drama, emotion, and suspense. After all the laughter and tears there was cheering along with standing ovation after the viewing of the movie! Mike Cercone and Jenique Bennett are an out standing super actor and actress! The entire cast was wonderful.

Mike Cercone & Jenique Bennett

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Professional Blogger LaTasha R. Williams Wrote 

There’s always something to say about a good movie with messages that covers societal issues, judgment, relationships, conflict, and religion with the foundation solution of love. Beautifully Insecure managed to cover these critical subject matters and more ironically through hair; or if I may, of hair loss when the immune system mistakenly attacks the hair follicles, a condition called Alopecia. The amazing way the writer managed to web all of these circumstances together through relatable characters is commendable being that it challenges self to a higher standard of acceptance OF SELF as well of others. Of everyone you know and are of closeness to you, you will surely find in this movie. Beautifully Insecure is an example of focusing on what He has for you; His gifts and treasures, His know-all of what you need, and as Insecure as Jenique Bennett  was He attempted to show her to be SECURE in faith with Him. He had it under control the entire time. Trust Him. Trust Love. It will always prevail.



Inspiration Speaker Angela C. Gray  Wrote


I recently saw Beautifully Insecure and was deeply moved by this movie. It is filled with numerous comical moments, but not without losing the element of touching the heart of the audience. The movie depicts a young woman who battles with her insecurities due to being diagnosed with Alopecia at a young age. The film takes viewers through her childhood struggles and goes further to show how the diagnoses affected her career, social life, and dating. Jenique Bennett is the lead female actress and was superb in this role! Marc Cercone the lead male actor, and the romantic interest in the film was exceptional in portraying to viewers the depth of his struggles with faith and God. The chemistry between both lead actors was believable, and the crowd was expressively intrigued by their relationship! Nakia T. Hamilton, director captured the true essence of what many women face who battle with Alopecia. Keep in mind, this film goes deeper with a clear message of faith, God’s grace, hope and the power of love. This is a MUST see film!! You will walk away truly inspired!

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   Patrice Grace Hamilton Wife and  Malachi Son of  Nakia T Hamilton (Redd)

     Charlon Turner                             Film Maker  Christopher Everett (The Good Guy)

  Talent Agent Crystal G. Williams and Bern Southerland    Art Off-The Wall Owner

 NAACP Rep Deborah Dicks Maxwell          Professional Blogger Ty Respus and Life Long Friend Nikki Smith

Maja Williams

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Special Thanks to Ms Jamie Elmore
She has sell out yet another theater in Settle WA

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Jamie Elmore  Founder (ASG) Alopecia Support Group
Helping men, women and children all over the world dealing with Hair loss due to Alopecia and Cancer. The sole purpose of the foundation is to be that voice for people suffering from hair loss.  To advocate and teach awareness so people could feel accepted. As well as to let individuals know their are not alone .

Jamie Elmore owner of JSalon in Seattle, Washington
Over 25 years’ experience as a licensed cosmetologist.


For more information, and the latest updates on the film, visit www.BeautifullyInsecure.com


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