[VIDEO] Update Interview with Community Activist Cedric Harrison.. 3 Years Later with “Support The Port”

February 21, 2019

Cedric Harrison has been in the community of Wilmington NC all his life but He just started his organization “Support The Port” 3 years ago.

Here is a 2013 interview with Presidential Style’s own Mira Bell.

Cedric goes on to tell us that, “I’ve experienced success on many different levels in different lanes, but I would always have survivor’s remorse because I felt like no matter what personal success I saw, the community I came from was still dealing with the same issues that existed when I made it out.  So I decided to come home and become successful in the community with hopes of making my community better as I do so.”

He talks with us about the challenges that he has faced. He says that one of the biggest challenges is opening up the minds of people that aren’t able to see his vision or perspective because they are oppressed, or blind, or just unaware of some of the things that different human beings have to deal with in life. Yet, on the other hand, seeing people find their purpose in life.  Meeting people that get my vision that I normally wouldn’t think would.  I’ve been able to meet some amazing people are some of the best experiences he has had working in this industry.

This is one of the most recent interviews with Cedric Harrison.

Support The Port is currently pushing their Coloring Book “Wilmington NC in Color” that is about the African American History of Wilmington.  They had a book reading on February 19, 2019, at Alderman Elementary school.

We ask Cedric “How do you express your sense of style professionally? Cedric says “If we’re talking fashion I like to take the casual route, some sneakers and some Levi jeans with a shirt and a blazer is usually how I kick it.  If we are talking style when it comes to professional approach of handling business then I would like to say I’m aggressive when I’m passionate about the task at hand, other than that I’m smooth, cool, calm, and collected when taking care of business…….oh yeah and funny”. He says his best advice is to “Follow your heart, not your wallet”.  

He creatively and inspiration coming from frustrations :

  • Seeing a problem inspires me to try to come up with a solution
  • I’ve always been involved with the arts (I’ve been acting since I was six) so I’ve always been around creative circles  

We asked him “Is there anyone that inspired you or motivated you to become the success that you are today”?

  • Mentor Daniel Dickey
  • My Best Friend Steve Barnett
  • My Mother Nichelle Spicer
  • 2 Chainz
  • 2 of my ex-girlfriends, One being the late great LaTifah Davis, and the other ex-girlfriend is a Delta from Howard that got her graduate degree in nonprofit management when we were both living in Atlanta

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