[Video] Why Diddy Files $100 Million Dollar Lawsuit Against B.E.T. For Stage Fall

July 3, 2015

“He’s been so much of a bully lately maybe that was karma biting him in the ass–literally”Said the Jewish lawyer of Black Entertainment Television about Diddy’s fall during their 2015 B.E.T. awards.

Diddy has filed a lawsuit against B.E.T. for $100 million dollars after the rap mogul says the faulty stage could have left him paralyzed for life.



“I made B.E.T. in the earlier days so most of their money belong to me anyway. What would B.E.T. be without my classic rap videos full of b**tches, bling, and shiny suits” said the mogul in a New York City court.




Diddy says the main reason for him filing the lawsuit is because the doctor said he’d never be able to do the Diddy bop again.


via – LTN