[Watch Video] Rapper Bobby Shmurda Arrested At New York’s Notorious Quad Studios

December 18, 2014
Brooklyn musician Bobby Shmurda, whose “Shmoney Dance” went viral, was arrested today on ‘gang conspiracy’ charges, police said.
Rising Brooklyn star rapper Bobby Shmurda was led out of the notorious Quad Studios in midtown Manhattan wearing cuffs and facing a “gang conspiracy” indictment today, pinned to a series of shootings that devastated the city, law enforcement sources told The Daily Beast.Shmurda, 20, was brought into custody during the predawn hours on Wednesday by Narcotics detectives who subsequently attained a warrant and searched the recording studio and his car parked nearby—turning up three guns, sources said.

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Further sweeps of Shmurda’s associates by cops hauled in as many as 16 guns, sources said.

Cops rounded up several of Shmurda’s pals and all reportedly face conspiracy charges, which remain sealed.

The Miami-born rapper (whose real name is Ackquille Jean Pollard) is believed to be tied to a rash of gang-related shootings, drug-related crimes and “acts of violence,” police sources said.

The arrest is another blemish for the Quad Recording Studios, which is where, a decade ago, the rapper Tupac was ambushed by a trio of shooters.

The rapper survived the attack, where he took five slugs.

Shortly after coming to, Tupac publicly fingered rival East Coast rapper Biggie Smalls and his crew for ordering the assassination attempt.


On Sept. 7, 1996, Tupac was targeted and killed in a drive-by shooting in Las Vegas. He was 25-years-old and his murder remains a cold case.

A Quad Recording Studios rep told The Daily Beast that the company was in the dark regarding Shmurda’s alleged brush with crime.

“Right now we’re waiting for the investigation to unfold and that’s all we can say,” said the rep, who refused to give his name.

Shmurda’s uncle told The Daily Beast he was unaware of the most recent bust.

“We don’t know what is going on,” Garfield Pollard told The Daily Beast in a phone interview from his Breinigsville, Pennsylvania home. “We haven’t talked to him yet.”

The talented musician is being held at the 71 Precinct in Brooklyn and due to be arraigned Thursday morning.

Shmurda, who reps Brooklyn, was signed by Epic Records after the release of his videos “Hot Nigga” and the catchy “”Shmoney Dance”—which drew over 7 million views and inspired boldface superstars like Rihanna to mimic the dance steps with catchy hook.

Before this latest brush with the law, the rapper was facing a pot bust and an unrelated gun charge.

On the pot bust back in October, the rapper was allegedly puffing dope while double parked and the arrest forced him to miss a gig.

On his Instagram account Shmurda blasted NYPD cops with a video captioned, “So da bum ass cops locked me up yesterday Fa some bullsh— made me miss [a show].”

Back in June, a month before he signed his Epic $1 million record deal, Shmurda, who spits lyrics like

“We keep 9 millis on my block, n—s/Known to get busy with them Glocks, n—,” was booked on June 3 for concealing a loaded 9mm Glock pistol in a couch inside a Brooklyn apartment. He was charged with criminal possession of a weapon and faced 15 years prison time.

It’s unclear if either of the pot or gun charges were adjudicated.

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