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Who Is Keisha Williams?

July 6, 2014




Keisha Williams has been in the cosmetology industry Cutting hair for 11 years. She strictly cuts, and every now and then may step out and do a perm. She really enjoys cutting which is a very tedious service in the salon. You have to cut according to the texture of the hair, because  one wrong snip could mess up the whole outcome of the cut. She decided this career because she was already interested in hair as a child but when her grandmother passed one of the last things she said to her was go do hair. Keisha feels that that was a gift from her grandmother, the push she needed to follow through with her venture into cosmetology. Some of the challenges she faced was dealing with the different hair textures, attitudes and personalities that can get in the way sometimes. Some of her best experiences are repeat clientele. When people tell her they are very happy and that she gave them the best hair cut they have ever had it gives her a sense of joy. She doesn’t have anything new coming up at this time. But cutting all day 5 days a week is a new experience  for her because you can’t be lazy doing a haircut. A bad haircut can equal more time to fix and less hair to spare and neither would be in the best interest of the clients wants.



Her advice to someone coming out of school that admires her and would love to follow in her footsteps is to take your time, have patience, and you will meet a lot of different people that will challenge you. Some people that will make ten minutes feel like two hours but just remain patient stick with it and you will make it. She is a go with the flow type person; she is focused on being herself. That is a class all by itself when you are yourself. She is inspirited and motivated by her very hard working mother. She works two jobs and goes nonstop. Her daughter she says “if I stop who is going to take care of her.” She admires Tabitha from “Salon Take Over”, it’s because she is tough, professional, and very educated in the industry. Keisha can be reached at Quick Cuts 910.798.8140 or just stop by for a quick cut 338 S College Rd. Wilmington NC 28403.