July 12, 2016

Kevin Spears, was one of three Democratic candidates, voted to run for New Hanover County Board of Education during the Primary Elections; and will appear on this November’s ballot.


PresidentialStyleOnline, conducted a Q & A session for Mr. Kevin Spears, so his supporters can learn a little more about this phenomenal guy, at least we think he’s phenomenal!

Q: Who is Kevin Spears after gaining a spot to run in the general elections?

A: I am the same person, just feeling a little accomplished. Feeling like I got one for the underdogs. I am still under a microscope though and constantly being tested.

Q: What tactics will you be using to obtain votes for the upcoming general election? Will it require you to be more aggressive in your approach?

A: Now you know I can’t tell you that but I will use everything within my power to achieve enough votes to be in that top 3!

Q: What are your thoughts and plans for action on the recent black male killings by law enforcement?

A: Had a peace rally on last Thursday, and plan on putting together a series of community conversations in the near future..

Q: How will you make Peace 4 The Port and the BOE (Board of Education) become cohesive for yourself and the community?

A: If I win a spot on the BOE, I’ll probably resign from P4TP. If I don’t win a spot on the BOE, I’ll probably still resign. These things are life consuming and I want to help but, I want to do it from a distance, if possible. I’m tired and sometimes people have to show they want help as much as you want to help them.

Q: Once elected to the New Hanover County Board of Education, what are your plans?

A: Get the community involved in schools, restore our schools to prior prominence. It won’t be immediate overall but differences will be noticeable.

Q: You quoted in a UNCW write up, “the most important lesson you have learned throughout your life is to accept failure.” Please provide some insight on that statement.

A: Growing up I was a Bulls fan, so I remember when Mike missed some of those shots, yet he’s still the greatest player of all time. I can’t nail every speech, win every debate, have the answer to every question asked on the street, but knowing that allows me the opportunity to grow!

Q: Lastly, you made a comment stating, “there is a difference between helping people and saving them. Which do you prefer?” Kevin, which do you prefer?

A: I’m not Captain……nvm (never mind) I think helping people is better, it means that they have bought into saving their own lives, just with some assistance!

Well, there you have it!

Personally, I think he was too modest and humble on his responses, so I will share with all of you the Kevin we know.


PresidentialStyleOnline, knows Kevin is an advocate, likeable, educated, misunderstood, but most importantly, he cares about the community and our children. Below, is Mr. Kevin Spears, Democratic candidate for the New Hanover County Board of Education and a great ROLE MODEL for young men to look up to!


IMG_0106 IMG_0109 IMG_0111 IMG_0115 IMG_0119IMG_0160

Again, Kevin, thank you for your time, the interview, your dedication to the community and our children. We wish you an abundance of blessings, votes and a prosperous election. #KEVINSPEARSFORNHCBOE