Wilmington NC 2nd Annual AIDS WALK WILMINGTON With Latesha SarleySidbury

July 1, 2015

The 2nd Annual AIDS WALK WILMINGTON was a great event filled with fun, networking and it was very educational. Below, you will be provided an introduction to AIDS WALK WILMINGTON, as well as some background information on LIVE 4 RED from Mrs. Latesha SarleySidbury, Founder of LIVE 4 RED organization. The event included an informative session on sexually transmitted diseases, such as  HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis C, presented by a spokesperson from PUMPKIN SEEDS-SUSTAINING EMPOWERMENT BY EDUCATION AND DEVELOPING SISTERS. Also, the event provided a FREE and CONFIDENTIAL HIV and HEPATITIS C screening performed by Coastal Horizons Center, Inc. It was a GREAT turnout and I look forward to next year’s events.




Presidential Styles own Cherri Cook was on site with Live 4 Red

Photo Cred: Jerome Mack