Wine & Pajamas..A Moment With Just Me Carmen Sun

June 20, 2014

The day of walking in and laying keys on the night stand; becomes a regular thing. On this day and this moment, I want to turn the key to my home, with a slanted smile in knowing that I am about to spend time with myself.

Thought: In today’s society women carry the mode of self-last, and others first. The go-getter attitude mostly leaves you alone or worried because you just lost your boyfriend/husband. This mindset wants us to understand that we are supposed to have all Independence and no dependence on anything at all. Self- love and self- worth is more than verbal action towards this avenue; it begins with simply sitting in silence with self. Now the honor of being able to sit in silence and allowing your thoughts to flow without side pressure; well surely if someone catches you spending time alone in silence, then you must be going crazy. Sanity can’t be at work here. A single woman with no one and not wanting someone must be gay or crazy right? Wrong, it is possible for you to take silent time on a daily basis or be without a man and just enjoy you.

Moment: Laying the keys on the nightstand, flowing into the kitchen ready to add ingredients to my night’s dinner that I planned earlier. Put apron on and remember to turn off the phone. Turn the remote face down and become one with the walls of my home. With the aroma of chicken breast in the air and the steaming of vegetables, I begin to glide into the bathroom & pull my hair back. I have chosen slowly the moisturizer for my face, lay razor & cream out; begin to peel off layers of the day; piece by piece (earrings, make-up etc.). Run the bath water hot as beautifully possible. That way when I am done with dinner it is the right temperature when I grace the water later. Dinner has been completed and I grab my favorite scented candles. Tonight I can hear every bite of my steamed, crisped vegetables and see clearly the juice that runs from my chicken breast. I am satisfied with a meal that was made for my taste buds. Standing and blowing out the candles, I place the dishes in the dishwasher and venture into the bathing area.

The process of washing it all away: Stepping on the floor towel seems as if I am about to enter the waters of the islands. The newly scented candle guides my mind and I slowly sit in the tub. Quietly I remove the pain of what the day brought or will bring and the only noise is the water that falls from my sponge and hits the water again and again. As I stand and step on the floor towel; I lean to blowout the scented candle, grab my robe and my white wine, slowly walk into my room, find my moment of silk pajamas and lay back in silence which has been the loudest thing in my life tonight.
Ending Process: Tomorrow I will awake a new person of health and reason, simply because as an Independent woman my Dependence was on silence.

Miracles & Blessings